December 14, 2008

2nd Day of Christmas: Christmas Commercials

Here is an assortment of 70's & 80's commercials that you might remember. Most are Christmas commercials, but these first few feature toys that we probably received at Christmas. For example, this first one features the popular "Simon" game.

Guys - did you ever have Kenner's Smash-up Derby? You can still buy these on Ebay... for three hundred bucks! Check it out.

And how about you girls... how many of these did you own? Do you still know the name of your doll(s)?

These next couple of videos will resurrect jingles that will never leave our memories.

Who can forget Mr. Microphone?!

Here's a classic...

Oh my... this is just bad.

I always wanted a pair of these, but never got them:

Join us Monday for Day 3 of the 12 Days of Christmas.

1 comment:

  1. I still have my Simon, and it still works (well, last time I checked)!