December 22, 2008

10th Day of Christmas: LooneyTunes

Here's a few various articles from the Sheridan Yellowjacket during the month of December.

By Steven Benning, Carmen Hensley, Laurie Revia and Darrin Theiss

As Christmas gets closer (there are only SIX shopping days left), one wonders what to buy for others.

For some of us, the problem is letting others know what we want for Christmas.

A recent informal poll of SHS students revealed that, of 75 respondents, 80 percent want a car for Christmas.

Other gifts in order of preference include clothes (66%), jewelry (52%), and money (44%).

Some other gifts mentioned were stereos, waterbeds, cameras, VCR’s, and toys like Puff-a-lumps, Mr. Game Show, Noid dolls, and Gumbys.

The top five gifts a guy would give a girl were kittens, jewelry, perfume, stuffed animals, and fur coats.

The top five gifts a girl would give a guy were a steering wheel and floor mats, Polo, clothes, and a billfold.

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