November 17, 2008

SuperLarry - UK Version

We haven't had any new "Vintage Video" clips lately, so I did quite a bit of video conversion Saturday. I now have all 3 senior plays copied on DVD. It'll take me a while to upload them to YouTube - and b/c of the YouTube restrictions, they can only be in 10 minute (or less) segments.

But for now, here is one of the intermission vignettes performed between the 3 senior plays. This one features Aaron Wilson, Lance Ashley, Larry Campbell and Steven Coleman. The keyboard sound effects are done by Jason Moore.

Don't forget to turn off the music in the sidebar before viewing the video.

After my wife watched this, she wisely suggested that I add subtitles, due to the low audio quality. So... I did the best I could - which further demands the need for subtitles! I couldn't make out what Steve Coleman kept saying... but I remember that he kept repeating the same phrase. Perhaps when he sees this he can leave a comment and tell us. Enjoy.

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