November 9, 2008

SHS Class of 88 Reunites at Football Game

Over 2 dozen of our classmates gathered last Friday, November 7th at the last SHS football game of the year. We huddled together in the end zone fighting the cold to enjoy a great time of reuniting.

Personally, I'm finding something strange & wonderful happening. Even though we've been out of school now much longer than we were in school together, it seems that the past 20 years have passively formed friendships between all of us that previously may not have existed. I've had many conversations either via email or at Friday's game with people that I rarely spoke to in high school. I guess the older you get, the lines surrounding our former circle of friends either widen or fade. Or both. It was a great night.

I've posted just a few of the photos below. Take a look and then watch the video montage over at

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Jerry Mills, Greg McGathy and Kenny Johnson

David & Tanya Damron (background), Stephen Ware, Jason Moore and Aaron Wilson

Scott Ausbrooks and Andy Mayberry

Brian O'bar telling far-fetched hunting stories to Shannon Ellington

Trent Allen, Paula Ferguson, Dana Oates, Kristen Trantham, and Jackie McElroy


  1. Hi everyone! I really enjoyed the photos! I am sorry I didn't stick around to visit but I had to walk my son (a senior in band) earlier pregame and it was a little cold out. As many of you know, I had a massive wreck last Spring Break in Mexico with the boys and it left me with some very serious injuries. I can walk again (after six months and a lot of therapy and pain) but my leg doesn't cooperate when it gets cold and because of what I had to wear that night, I had to opt to leave right afterward. Imagine...we're moving back to Nova Scotia soon - thank God for flannel lined jeans and layered thermals in the winter!

    I'll see everyone in January!

    Kristi Walker

  2. Great job on the slide show Aaron! It was great to see everyone even if only in pictures. I wish I could've been there, but my niece's wedding in Little Rock kinda took precedence. Am looking forward to catching up with everyone in January.

    Melissa Nesbitt