November 20, 2008

Senior Rings

Koon's ad scanned from a 1987 Sheridan Yellowjacket Newspaper.

If there was another place to get your Josten or ArtCarved Senior rings, I wouldn't know where.

Koon's Jewelry, during the summer after our junior year (or was it before our junior year?), was THE place to begin what was probably the first senior year tradition - the ordering of our senior class ring.

Back in the day... the day of our parents, that is, you got two choices - RED or BLUE. That's it. During our years, the choices were broadening and now-a-days, you can even design your ring online!

My stone of choice was pink.

What? You gotta problem with pink? Dude, I wore pink suspenders for my senior pic... pink was not a problem for me.

We each got to choose a stone color, as well as a design for both sides of the ring. One side most often displayed a school activity - football, volleyball, basketball, cheer, or in my case, band.

The other side gave yet another option. I chose to have my name and a yellowjacket on mine. Even the dark antiquing on the ring was optional. And, some would get a symbol or initial or even a diamond stud placed on top of the stone - Ring Bling for the Sheridan Redneck.

Another option - and a helpful i.d. in case you lost your ring - was to have your full name engraved on the inside. Mr. Koon would do this for you - for a reasonable fee.

Now, all you have left to do is find a gal to wrap yarn around it (or get a corn pad) and wear it proudly on her finger. Guys, get out your herringbone necklace so you can hang your sweetheart's ring, declaring to many - who really couldn't care less - your dating status.

No significant other? No problem. Just turn your class ring around - stone facing inward - and thump a lower classman on the head.

By the way... have you lost your class ring? Look here.

Here's a little bonus pic for you that I scanned out of my dad's 1965 junior yearbook.

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