November 21, 2008

From One Champ to Another

Letter to Editor

Dear Editor,

Congratulations to Coach Campbell, his staff, and his 11-0 Yellowjackets.
What a super year!

It appears Coach Campbell (like Coach Charlie Whitworth and Coach Charles Robinette of the 1960’s and early 1970’s Yellowjacket teams) has instilled in these young athletes that it only takes a little more to go first class.

This year’s team has rekindled great memories for the Yellowjacket Alumni. These memories are of a football program that was first class.

In 1966 the Yellowjackets completed their season 10-0. There were no playoffs. The 1966 starting squad gave up 7 points the entire season. They scored 265 points and gave up 74 points, 67 of which were scored on Sheridan’s 2nd, 3rd, and 4th strings.

The 1967 team had the state’s longest winning streak at 18 games before losing to Malvern. The season ended 9-1.

The 1968 team finished at 10-0-1, tying Malvern. They had 6 shutouts to their credit.

Coach Charlie Whitworth and Coach Charles Robinette won seven Region Championships in a row, compiling 114 wins, 25 losses, and 3 ties in fourteen years of coaching the Yellowjackets.

Jackets, keep up your first class attitude and it will follow you through life. Good luck! And Beat Arkadelphia!!

Don Culpepper
Class of ‘68

1964 Yellowjackets Region 3AA-East Champions

1965 Yellowjackets Region 3AA-East Champions

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