November 18, 2008

Andy Mayberry Family Featured in LR Magazine

My wife picked up a copy of November's issue of Little Rock Family when she noticed on the cover our friends Andy & Julie Mayberry. It's a precious story about their life with a special-needs child and their trust in a sovereign God. I thought I'd share a portion of the article with you here:

"We found out at 19 weeks into the pregnancy that Katie had spina bifida," Julie explained. "At first, I immediately felt guilt because I thought I had done something wrong. I questioned whether I had enough folic acid in my diet, or if stress brought on the birth defect. Andy was very calm when the doctor told us, and he said he knew God had a plan for us and our special baby."

Julie immediately began reading anything she could find on the subject and ended up overwhelmed by all the medical information. In a recent e-mail interview, she recalled this moment, at seven months pregnant: "I suddenly felt so burdened with grief I broke down in tears. I cried so hard I couldn't stand and I fell to the ground. It was on the ground that I realized what position I was in. I was on my knees, praying. I realized at that moment, that is exactly where God wanted me to be. You can't carry the load on your own. But when you have the Lord carrying you through, you can handle anything. From that moment on, I have tried not to worry about what could happen and concentrate on enjoying the wonderful blessings I have each day."

Read the full article here.

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