November 26, 2008

Aaron Job on "Being Thankful"

I'm not sure what prompted this sermonette from my 8 year-old son, he came up with this script all by himself. I posted this on my blog several days ago, and I wanted to share it with you now and wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow (the blog will take a day off).


5 things God gave us and why we should thank him.

1. Our house
2. Our property
3. Our food
4. Our parents
5. Our friends and family

We should thank him because

1. Without our house we could not rest and stuff.
2. We would not have a home without property
3. We would starve without food.
4. We wouldn't be here without parents.
5. We would be alone without friends or family.

God has given us a lot of things that we should be thankful for. Nov. 27 is thanksgiving, we should do more then just sit around the table, eat turkey and talk. We should do more than that. Thanksiving is about giving thanks to God for giving us these things that I mentioned earlier.

Isaiah 51:3
The LORD will comfort Isreal again and have pity on her ruins. Her desert will bloom like Eden. Her baren wilderness like the garden of the LORD. Joy and gladness will be found there. Songs of thanksgiving fill the air.

Now, this first video is Aaron Job's presentation of the above message.

This second video is the original take that I tried to shoot with my cell phone. You can't hear Aaron Job very well (hence the need for the video above) BUT if you listen carefully, you can hear my sweet little 2 year old rattle off a few... um... noises while sitting on my lap. I promise it's not me you hear. :)

Be sure and watch to the end, because Anna (4) starts quoting one of her AWANA verses.

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