October 28, 2008

Seniors Talk About Crowds

We played well in the first half," said Coach Campbell. "We blocked and passed well. We also played good defense."

Seniors talk about crowds
By Andy Mayberry

If you are a Sheridan resident and haven’t watched a Yellowjacket football game this season, you are among the minority.

The Yellowjackets have drawn huge crowds for each game this year. Sheridan fans often outnumber fans from opposing schools; even at away games.

The players and coaches from Sheridan greatly appreciate the support. Here is what some of the seniors had to say.

“The crowd has enthusiasm when we’re on the field. When it’s fourth and one, they’ll root us on. I think they’re a major part of the team,” said running back David Damron.

“The big crowds are great. They seem to really get into the game when we play the bigger teams,” said defensive lineman Steve Coleman.

Said defensive lineman Alan Holmes, “When we are down a little bit, it really feels good to be able to look up and see a big crowd. It makes you feel better to know all of those people want to see you play.”

“The enthusiasm is great. The crowd means a lot to us. It really fires us up,” remarked quarterback Brad LaRue.

“The crowd is all right! The people are yelling and screaming, and there are people down on the sideline going crazy. It’s awesome,” said offensive lineman, Jamey Black.

“They give us spirit and make us play together as a team. The team isn’t complete without the crowd,” claimed defensive back Brand Moon.

“The crowd gives you extra energy you didn’t know you had,” said offensive lineman Phillip Clifford. “It makes you want to give it all you can for the fans.”

Tight end Andy Crouse said, “The large crowds let you know that the town and the school are behind you, and that makes us play better.”

Head coach Don Campbell also appreciates the crowd. “The crowds have been fantastic. They are always unbelievable.”

All of the Yellowjacket players and coaches enjoy the large crowds, and many expressed a great desire to please the fans to keep their support for the team.
If you haven’t made it out to a Sheridan game yet, you don’t know what you’ve been missing.

Notice the small article included above: "Beat Malvern Dance Coming?" More on that one tomorrow.

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