October 5, 2008

Lip Sync Contest - Student Council

Here is the video of the last performance of the 87-88 NHS Lip Sync Contest. This longer-than-average clip (7:42 to be exact) offers a retro-licious assortment of entertainment. That's right boys and girls, you're not just gonna see ONE lip sync performance, but feast your eyes on this line up:

  • Cindy Grace and Mr. Robinson performing a portion of the song "Love is Strange" featured in the '87 cult classic, "Dirty Dancing".
  • The ENTIRE STUDENT COUNCIL performing a group-sync to "Joy to the Word/Jeremiah was a Bull Frog"
  • The WINNERS of the 87-88 NHS Lip Sync Contest (let me warn you, you'll be dissappointed)
  • Guest appearance by our principal, Mr. Jack Hansen

Though I can't quite pick out everyone, the student council consisted of Sara Luft, Cindy Cobb, Mandy Jester, Vicki Thompson, Meliana Drake, Jenny Whitehead, Jenny Crosswhite, Shelly Atkinson, Sheila Ward, Cindy Grace, Lisa Deal, Carrie Rinehart, Courtney Robinson, Shelli Smith, Melissa Caple, Michelle Stoops, and Cary Martindale.

This concludes the NHS Lip Sync video series. I hope you've enjoyed this vintage video and I hope you're still as bewildered as I am that JuJu and the Harshaws didn't sweep the competition. Folks, this is injustice at it's height. Perhaps a rematch is in order for January 2009.

Well, stay tuned, in honor of the completion of our NHS Lip Sync Video Series, next weekend I'll post our favorite Milli Vanilli videos and a rare concert artifact I've had in my possession for almost 20 years.

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