October 10, 2008

The Campbell Gang

During the fall of 1987, you didn't have to be a football player, you didn't have to be a cheerleader, a Jacketeer, a band member or even a parent of any of the above to know this: There has never been a football season as memorable, remarkable and incredible. Ever.

In my opinion, it is worthy of a Hollywood script. Hey, it's been done before with a much less compelling story!

Well, I hope you've been reading the weekly newspaper articles featuring our winning season, because today I'm excited to show you two things commemorating a season that we will never forget. The first came from a bundle of souvenirs and photos I received recently from Mandy Jester. The treasure you see below is a poster honoring our football team (I've since been told that posters were made for two additional years as well). I'm not sure who designed this or wrote the copy, but Grant County Bank produced it as a complimentary gift to our team. You can click on the poster to see a larger image.

The second treat was born out of some wild-hair-idea I had to redesign and republish the poster in honor of our 20 year reunion and distribute it to anyone for a small donation to our reunion fund. However, I had two primary concerns.

1. I didn't want to offend any of the 1987 ball players by "messing" with their poster.

2. Since GCB originally printed this poster pro-bono, I wanted to be sure it was ethical for me to redesign & redistribute and use it to bring donations to our class reunion.

To appease my first concern, I ran my idea by David Damron, whom I chose to "unofficially" represent the 1987 football team (I mean, c'mon... he was one of the co-captains & is now president of the Sheridan Touchdown Club!). David thought it was a great idea & thought many others would love to have a copy of the new poster (See David - now you're an accomplice!). He also was able to contact a former GCB executive and got the "OK" to reproduce the poster (Concern #2 solved!).

So, I got busy redesigning the poster, wanting to give it a true, old west flavor - complete with saloon-inflicted distress - while also preserving the exact wording from the original. Here's what I came up with:

Click to enlarge.

Now, here's the plan - for a $5 donation to the SHS 88 reunion fund, you'll receive a copy of this 12x18 poster*. You can order multiple copies as well.

For the Class of '88 grads, you may order these when you register and pay for the reunion events here. You can pick up your poster(s) at the November 7th ball game or at either January reunion event. For everyone else, go here to place your orders.

A very small percentage of each donation will be kept to cover the production costs, and the remaining proceeds will go towards our 20 year reunion fund. If you have any questions at all, please let me know.

*Poster specs (for anyone who cares): The image is a hi-resolution (300dpi), full-color print on glossy, 80 lb cardstock. The poster is 12x18, and the actual image is 11x17. This is a professional-quality print.

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