October 24, 2008

The Sheridan Alma Mater

The Sheridan Alma Mater

O’ Sheridan High
O’ Sheridan High
Our love to thee we bring;
We love thy walls,
We love thy halls,
Our praises to thee sing.
May students ever come to thee
In search of truth and light,
And justice reign o’er thy domain
For years to prove thy might.

O’ Sheridan High
O’ Sheridan High
Thy royal and thy gold.
Thy flag shall ever wave for thee,
Emblem of love untold;
Our alma mater now we bring,
Our pledge of loyalty.
Throughout the world our voices ring
Dear Sheridan High for thee.

-Words by Betty Sue and Russell Harris
-Music by Dale Martin

I can't help but comment on the line in the first verse "May students ever come to thee in search of truth and light". With all due respect to my alma mater, I'd like to redirect your search to the true source of Truth and Light here.

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