October 29, 2008

Beat Malvern Dance

Beat Malvern Dance Coming

Come dance to the beat with Pepsi as they and Older Girl Scouts of Sheridan present the Pepsi Video Van and a surprise D.J. on October 24, 7:00 to 11:00 at the Sheridan National Guard Armory.

Tickets will be on sale next week at your schools (Jr. High and Sr. High).

Tickets will be $3.00 each and only a limited number will be sold. Come pay your last respects to the Panthers and dance with Pepsi and us.

Now, I have a couple of questions about this intriguing little article...

  1. Who/what were the "Older Girl Scouts of Sheridan"?
  2. Who was the "suprise D.J.?"
  3. Can you find the one major mistake in this article?


  1. I think the mistake in this article is that it was the Malvern LEOPARDS not the Panthers. I don't have answers for the other two questions, I'm sorry to say, I was too late and didn't get one of the limited tickets.
    Lorna Ashmead McAllister

  2. Mixed up the mascots they did. So does anyone know if this dance actually happened and if so, was I there? And if so, did I have fun?

  3. Lorna!! Good to "see" you on here!
    Now, I'm SURE you're heading over to the sheridan88 site to sign up for the reunion? Right?! :)

    Larry. (no exclamation marks for you, sorry)
    I can't remember the dance either... but I'm sure if you were there, it was a blast.