October 27, 2008

80's Tees

By now you've noticed the "80's Tees" banner ads on this blog and over at sheridan88.com. I wanted to take a moment & let you know a bit more about these cool tees.

I can't remember how I found the site... but as much googling as I do for all things 80, I'm not suprised I found it. This has to be the best collection of vintage 80's t-shirts available. Just look at a SMALL sample of what they have:

Now, I've posted the 80's Tees ads for two reasons. Real simple & quick:

1. This is an 80's blog. We love the 80's. Everybody loves t-shirts. It's a perfect fit.
2. I make a whopping 18% commission on any sale generated from the ads. That's what I'm talkin' about!

See, you knew all along I was in it for the money didn't ya! Hey - I gotta justify these late nights somehow! But seriously - I don't care if anybody buys a t-shirt. I'm not even gonna ask you to buy a t-shirt. But if you do buy a t-shirt, I'm thinkin', why shouldn't I get a little kick back?!

That's all.

My apologies for wasting today's blog post on advertising. But you gotta admit, the shirt designs are pretty cool!

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