September 17, 2008

What's Inside?

What's in this envelope that each of us received sometime in mid-June after each grade school year? You guessed it! It's our report cards! I've got quite a few tucked away along with all the other junk I've exposed here for your voyeuristic fix.

I've selected my 3rd grade report card from Mrs. Pyle, since her class has been a recent topic here on the SHS 88 blog. And you'll remember the SES principal, Jessie Buck - yeah, the guy who had the electric paddle. Most of you know that Mr. Buck was married to Mrs. Buck (1st grade teacher), but did you know who Mr. Buck's sister was? She was also a school teacher... think middle school... math... looooong fingernails. Got it?!

Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Buck are brother and sister. I know this because I grew up next door to Mrs. Hughes & walked to school with her every day in the 5th - 8th grades. We lived just off of Hwy 167 on the hill beside The Mad Butcher. We would cross the highway and walk up the road going behind the old Midget Market (final resting place of millions of quarters from my piggy bank) and Essie's Restaurant & the motel. This daily trip sparked the vicious rumors that Mrs. Hughes was my grandma. Now, over twenty years later, I'm here to lay to rest any such nonsense.

Now where was I? Oh, grade school report cards.

Yeah... read it and weep bucko! Not bad except for my penmenship, huh? Oh... and the conduct grades... looks like they reflected my fluxuating stick collection , or vice versa.

As was the custom, mom or dad would sign the back, affirming their eyewitness account of their child's scholastic performance. Then after the 4th 9 weeks they were mailed in the envelope pictured above, along with the long awaited news of our passing or failing.

Finally, we could enjoy our summer vacation until that highly anticipated day in August when we would ride our bikes up to the elementary school and look at the newly posted class assignments to see who our next teacher & classmates would be.


  1. Just the thought of Mr. or Mrs. Buck makes me cringe. I could barely concentrate in first grade. I was so scared of Mrs. Buck and her paddle. Mrs. King in second grade was great, then we moved all the way to East End for third grade and I had Mrs. Ryan.

  2. I still have my envelope as well from yrs gone by.