September 7, 2008


Melissa Nesbitt went to a LOT of trouble to re-scan this picture of Mr. Henley's computer class just so I could crop out an image of the poster on the wall.

Notice the Dot Matrix Printer and the 5 1/4 floppy disks. I'm still amazed at the progress of technology. One of those floppies wouldn't have enough space on it to hold just one, averaged-sized digital photo! In fact, you probably have a micro-SD card in your cell phone or pda that's smaller than your fingernail and has more memory than the computers we used in high school! Amazing. I remember at the end of our junior year Mr. Henley told us about the new COLOR monitors we'd be getting the following year. Cutting edge, definately.

That's all. Just a computer geek moment.


  1. Remember how exciting it was that we had a computer class in high school! Talking about how far technology has come-- My kindergarten daughter has computers twice a week and my third grade son is learning to type, (oops, I'm being corrected, it's called keyboarding now!) and I write this on my MacBook that is paper thin, sitting outside completely wireless! Amazing!

  2. Aw, Aaron, it wasn't THAT much trouble...yes, I too remember the excitement of getting COLOR monitors!

    Eh, heh, hum....Christie Romine Speak--guess what I ran across in one of my old yearbooks! An autograph from you saying you'd never take another computer class again. Have you stuck to your word you Mac user you? LOL!

  3. Sorry--forgot to sign my name--previous post referring to Christie's vow etc. was from Melissa Nesbitt