September 2, 2008

Here Comes the Judge

The clip below is the second snippet from the senior play "Benny Eat a Woodchuck". (Watch the other clip here). This is the opening scene from the second act of the play. The setting is a courtroom (in case you can't tell from the hollywood set). From left to right you'll see Betty Jo Skorcz, Joo Mi Ha, Jaime Taylor, Maria Bolanos, Aaron Wilson, Kenny Johnson and Sara Luft. Then Trent Allen enters stage right as the judge.

Here's a bit of trivia for ya - no one knew that Trent and I were going to do this scene until the opening performance you'll see here - not the audience, not the rest of the cast, and not even our sponsors - Ausbrooks & Easton.

Trent and I were rehearsing our lines at my house the night before and one of us came up with the idea for Trent (the judge) to enter with the song "Here Comes the Judge" playing. I had this song on my childhood record Dumb Ditties, which by the way, I still own & display proudly in my office along with Wacky Westerns and Looney Tunes. Anyway - I digress. Somehow we then decided to choreograph some dance moves - very bad dance moves - and whah-lah!


  1. Now, that was GREAT! I actually remember that! Smooth moves, you guys. Maybe we can see a re-make at the reunion?

  2. Who knows what you'll see at the reunion?!?!?