June 1, 2009

From Jeans to Life Dreams

Wednesday will mark 21 years to the day that we all received our diplomas, moved our tassels and tossed our caps into the air. I'll be re-posting our graduation program on that day, commemorating a milestone in our young lives and concluding this run of graduation-related posts. For today though, we'll get a bit out of chronological order and remember the events immediately after we graduated.

Do you remember how you celebrated your graduation? Did you do something or go somewhere afterwards?

I had a small "party" with my family & several friends. Nothing too exciting. Really. It was a kind of drop-in type of thing. In fact I still have some video footage of the wild & crazy event, but I'll spare you the boredom. My Mamaw was there if that tells you anything. Oh, and there was a cake. Nothing too exciting. Really.

I think Trent was the only other senior there. Friends Eric Hanson, Aaron Tygart, Jimbo Weser, Deana Brown and a few others came by, as well as a surprise appearance by a possum trapped beneath the junk stacked under my carport. Trying to catch the critter was the most adventuresome part of the evening. The rest just wasn't too exciting. Really.

But there was the cake that my mom had made for her new high school grad. "From Jeans to Life Dreams" was on the left side of the cake. The cake was made to look like the back of a pair of jeans. Not just any jeans, "Guess" jeans! Which, by the way, I never owned until my first year in college when I begged my parents to buy me a pair of Guess jean shorts from the Buckle.

While I'm complaining about jeans and my poor upbringing that caused me no small amount of humiliation in my own personal fashion world, may I attempt to evoke just an ounce of pity from you with just one word?


Yeah. That's right. Couldn't afford Jordache.

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