September 20, 2008

80's Movies

There's a new addition to "80's Links" section over in the sidebar. It's a link to a great website I just found featuring 80's movies. Tons of them! The site boasts of 8 pages of information and trivia for each of their 563 80's movies! These pages include behind the scenes trivia, goofs, music & a review. It also claims on it's home page "No spam. No popups. Safe for kids." I'd probably clarify that a bit and say "safe for older kids", only because of some of the movie trailers they show (even though trailers are supposed to be rated for general audiences).

Anyway, I think you'll enjoy the site. And be sure to check out the other links in the sidebar to find sites dedicated to 80's music, clothing, pop culture and more.

Now, over at, we're in the middle of a poll to see which of the movies below reminds you most of the 80's. These may not necessarily be your favorite 80's movies, but nonetheless remind you of our totally tubular decade. Watch the clips below (again, I'd keep my little children out of the room*) and then go to to take the poll.

Also, tell us what your favorite 80's movie is in the comments section.

The Breakfast Club

Sixteen Candles

Back to the Future

Children of the Corn

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure


Here's a quick bit of trivia for ya... in all the trailers above with the exception of Sixteen Candles and Back to the Future, the announcer was Don Lafountaine, voiceover extraordinaire. Lafountaine died just a few weeks ago. We've been hearing his voice on movie trailers since we were in school (his movie count is near 5000!) and he recently has been appearing on Geico commercials. You can visit Don Lafountaine's website to learn more.

*Aaron is not necessarily endorsing or promoting any of these movies. :)

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