September 30, 2008

Karmin Hope, All-District

Three Jackettes make All-District
By Brian Wilson

Rhonda Fiser, Karmin Hope and Chris Cole were selected as All-District basketball players in the 5AAA South District.

Rhonda Fiser, senior guard-forward has been playing organized basketball for the past six years. Fiser has also participated in volleyball since ninth grade and in track as a distance runner since eighth grade. She plans to play volleyball at Ouachita Baptist University and possibly be a walk-on basketball player.

Karmin Hope, junior center, has been playing basketball since the seventh grade. She has also played volleyball for the past two years and has played softball for 10 years.

Sophomore forward Chris Cole has been playing basketball since seventh grade. She was also a sprinter for the track team her eighth and ninth grade years. Cole is currently participating in off-season volleyball in preparation for next year’s volleyball season.

Renea George, senior, and Meliana Drake, junior, received honorable mentions in the All-District team.

Coach Patricia Cooper was named 5AAA-South coach of the year.

September 29, 2008

Lip Sync Contest - Modern Day Cowboy and Rock & Roll All Nite

It's time for our next installment of the NHS Lip Sync videos, only this time - I'm doubling your sync-adelic pleasure! You heard me clearly - TWO videos today. Here's why...

The first video features the Saline County Bad Boys, consisting of '89ers Shawn Stephens & Curtis McElyea and our own Jerry McElyea (I'm not sure who the drummer is). The Bad Boys performed "Modern Day Cowboy".

The second video features the greatest lip sync performance to ever fake it's way onto the stage of the SHS auditorium. I'm telling ya... these guys gave Rob Pilatus and Fabrice Morvan a run for their money. Ju Ju and the Harshaws was the group and featured '89 grad Eric Hanson, Trent Allen, Larry Campbell, and yours truly - Aaron Wilson. Am I biased? Heck yeah! We were the best group, the most creative, most original (check out the trash can drums & tennis racket guitars) and recieved the greatest crowd response (besides Stephanie Williams doing Debbie Gibson's "Stayin' Together"). This was a no -brianer. Ju Ju would sweep up.

Now, I had remembered doing a thing or two in our act that showed a bit of a tongue-in-cheek... slight mockery sort of thing, but I had forgotten just how much we mocked. Keep in mind, we're immature high schoolers... I would NEVER do something like this now. :)

Seems that while we were waiting to audition (you don't think the faculty would let a group of teenagers take the stage without some sort of screening process, do you?), the Bad Boys were ahead of us. We studied their performance, mannerisms & wardrobe and our little imaginations just started churning out the ideas. As you watch first the Bad Boys and then the Harshaws, notice any similarities you see between the groups. I've noted a few during the video via pop-up windows. If you see any, remember - they were all intentional! My apologies to the Saline County Bad Boys... it was years ago.

Well there's your winner folks. That simple. Next week we'll watch the final performance featuring the Student Council, and we'll also see who won (as if that isn't obvious by now). But wait - there's more! Below are the very pair of jeans I wore in the Lip Sync contest - in a much smaller waist size than what I wear now.

BTW... do any of you remember the significance of the name Ju Ju Harshaw? Anyone? Anyone? A true Hog fan should be able to give an answer.

What about those other guys I mentioned? Did you recognize their names? Who are Rob Pilatus and Fabrice Morvan? Perhaps you remember them better as Rob & Fab.

September 27, 2008

History Classes Work on Mural

Alan Holmes helps paint the mural in Mr. Simpson's room.

April 20, 1987
History classes work on mural
By Debra Howard

Mr. Simpson’s American history classes and world history classes are presently working on a mural in room 106. The classes have been working since the beginning of February. The walls are decorated with things pertaining to American and world history.

The American history classes have painted flags of the U.S., Canada, and Central America on the center wall in the room. They are also working on a collage of different battle scenes that the American military has participated in from the Civil War to the present. One scene will show a Civil War soldier and a World War II soldier sitting at a camp fire, representing the link the wars had to each other. Another scene shows war planes. All of the scenes are centered around the American flag.

The world history classes have started a collage of events that have affected the development of western civilization, from ancient to present. The first scene shows pyramids and the Middle East, representing the fertile crescent. The second scene shows a cross and a church, which represents the effects of Christianity on western civilization.

Some of the other scenes include an Olympic Stadium, tying the ancient to the present; a Pearl Harbor scene, representing the emergence of the U.S. as a major world power. Representing contemporary times is a Vietnam scene that could be a third world scene most anywhere.

The last scene shows a space shuttle taking off, representing our steps into the future. All of the scenes are centered around a global map. A totem pole is in the back of the room.

The classes are planning to build a topographic model of Arkansas, with the help of the shop students. Also helping with the mural is the art students.

Some of the students are writing reports to go with the United States map. The reports are going to cover the history of the individual states.

Mr. Simpson is hoping to also include a Grant County map in the future.

Just over three years later...

In a twist of tragic irony, Room 206 soon made it's own history. On May 1st of 1990, junior Thomas Smith stood before his classmates and shot himself to death in this very room. My younger sister, Lisa, sat and watched.

Smith was one of four SHS students to commit suicide all within a month. Sheridan was stunned.

September 26, 2008

Yellowjackets Roll Past Rams 32-6

Yellowjackets roll past Rams
By Andy Mayberry

The Sheridan Yellowjackets remained undefeated as they rolled past the Hot Springs Lakeside Rams by a score of 32-6 on Friday, September 25.

Lakeside jumped out to a quick 6-0 lead as Shannon New streaked 73 yards on the opening kickoff for the touchdown. The extra-point attempt failed.

Sheridan wasted little time in retaliating though. The Yellowjackets drove 62 yards in seven plays, using only two minutes and 47 seconds. With nine minutes remaining in the first quarter, Scott Herron scored from six yards out to tie the game at 6-6. Larry Campbell’s extra-point attempt missed.

With 8:21 left in the quarter, Phillip Clifford recovered a Lakeside fumble at the Rams’ 44 yard line. Sheridan took the ball to the 10 but turned the ball over on downs.

On fourth and 11 at the nine, Lakeside punted to the 30 yard line. With 1:10 left in the quarter, Brad LaRue threw a 16 yard scoring strike to Brett Epperson. A two-point conversion attempt failed, and Sheridan held a 12-6 lead.

Late in the half, Sheridan had possession of the ball on the Lakeside 10 yard line. The Yellowjackets fumbled, and Lakeside recovered as the first half came to an end.

Sheridan took the second half kickoff 82 yards down the field for a touchdown. David Damron ran the ball in from 15 yards away with 8:51 remaining in the third. A penalty nullified a successful two-point conversion, and the Jackets had to settle for an 18-6 lead.

After a Lakeside punt, Jason Smith finished off a 39 yard drive as he crashed into the end zone from the three yard line. Larry Campbell added the point after to give the Yellowjackets a commanding 25-6 lead.

Just three plays later, David Damron intercepted a pass on the Ram 48 yard line and ran it back to the 22. On third and nine from the 21, Willie Traylor ran past the Lakeside defenders to the end zone to widen Sheridan’s lead. Larry Campbell’s extra-point was good again, and Sheridan led 32-6 with 1:05 remaining in the third quarter.

Neither team scored in the fourth quarter and the game ended with the Yellowjackets winning by a margin of 32-6.

Sheridan improves its record to 4-0 overall and 1-0 in conference play while Lakeside drops to 1-3 overall and 0-1 in the conference.

The Yellowjackets dominated the game both offensively and defensively. Sheridan piled up 395 yards of total offense while Lakeside could only pick up 95 total yards.

Brad LaRue was 4 for 7 through the air for 99 yards and one touchdown.

Individual rushers for Sheridan included: Scott Herron, 15 carries for 113 yards; David Damron, 14 carries for 83 yards; Willie Traylor, 3 carries for 36 yards; and Gary Brown, 5 carries for 25 yards.

After the game, Coach Campbell remarked, “We played well in the second half. We didn’t play bad the first half, but we would either stop ourselves with a penalty or a fumble.

We didn’t execute very well in the first half, but we came out after halftime and played some football. We did a good job, but we need to play the whole game that way.”

Sheridan’s next game will be homecoming for the Yellowjackets. This will be October 2 against the Morrilton Devil Dogs at 7:30. Homecoming festivities will begin at 7 p.m.

September 24, 2008

Lunsford and Moltz - All-Conference

Yellowjackets have two All-Conference team members
By Todd Smurl

The Sheridan Yellowjackets basketball team has two representatives on the all-conference team. Pat Moltz, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Moltz, and David Lunsford, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lunsford, both juniors at Sheridan High School, were selected by the coaches of the 5AAA south conference as "all-conference" players.

David scored 231 points in 19 games this year for an average of 12.16 points per game. Pat scored 270 in 26 games this year for an average of 10.38 points per game.

Pat's season high was 27 points against White Hall and David's was 21 points against Morrilton.

September 22, 2008


I may, on occasion, use this blog as a platform for my own evil agendas. Ok, maybe they won’t be “evil”, but I do have some thoughts I want to share now that I have your attention. After all, it’s my blog. :o)

Today I want to promote a movie. It’s a good movie, it’s got a great story line, and even a better message. The movie is called “Fireproof” and it’s made by the same producers that brought you “Facing the Giants” a couple of years ago. Now, I know what you may be thinking to yourself right now… "I saw ‘Facing the Giants' and the acting wasn’t much better than those guys in ‘Tell it To Tommy’”. Well, I understand and would probably agree. I have my own thoughts about “Facing the Giants” but you’ll have to ask me about them later. But for now, allow me to recommend “Fireproof”.

I was privileged to watch a pre-screening of this movie last month and was very impressed. Sure, the acting still leaves much to be desired – but it has improved. In fact, the lead role is played by none other than Kirk Cameron (aka “Mike Seaver” from “Growing Pains”- see, there's your 80's reference). The production is well done and as I said, the story line will keep you in the movie. It’s about a couple, Caleb and Catherine Holt, who have a bad marriage that’s getting worse and heading for divorce, until Caleb’s father convinces him to take a “love dare” for the next 40 days. The movie follows the successes and failures of this last ditch attempt to restore what appears to be beyond hope.

My friend (and boss), Bob Lepine has written a good review on which I could not improve, here's a short excerpt:

FIREPROOF takes us into the center of what life looks like in too many marriages. Much to Catherine’s disgust, Caleb looks at pornography on the Internet and dreams about buying a boat. Catherine has lost all respect for her husband, and is responding to the kind words and caring gestures of a doctor at the hospital where she works. Caleb and Catherine are two individuals who pass each other in the kitchen and who no longer share a bed—strangers living in the same house.

Read Bob's entire review here.

Lastly, there’s a book that is being released along with the movie. The book is called “The Love Dare” and I’d also recommend you picking up a copy at your local book retailer. I have my own copy and am very impressed – as much with the appendices as with the rest of the book (and I’m a pretty tough critic with books). The most important concept that the book teaches is one that deals with our hearts and addresses this question: Are we to FOLLOW our hearts… or LEAD our hearts? What do you think? I’d be curious to hear your comments.

You can watch the trailer below and/or visit the Fireproof website. Then make a date with your spouse or significant other this weekend and check out “Fireproof”. And, let me know what you think.

4th Grade Choir

One of the many claims to fame of the great SHS Class of 88 is that we were the first class to participate in the 4th grade choir. Below are two pics of the group that many of you inaugurated.

I wasn't in it. I loved to sing. I wanted to be in it. Really bad. But I was ashamed to admit it. Really. I wanted to join but was afraid I'd be the only boy in the whole choir. "Choir Boy" isn't a name a boy wants to inherit when he's 10 years old, trust me. So, because of the overwhelming fear of man in me, I missed out on an historic event - the very first Sheridan Elementary Choir. After I had learned who all was in the choir, I was sorely dissappointed in myself. I still lie awake at night... wondering what my life would be like today if I'd only stepped up.

I'll never know.

Back Row (L to R) Kaye Harris, Wendy Landers, Andrea Winston, Sonia Stoffer, Sandra Main, Jeff King, Steven Coleman, Brett Cato, Robin Williams
Standing (L to R) Ricky Beshears, Kristi Webb, Melissa Benfield, Michael Hix, Kip Wharton, Wayne Smith, Jackie McElroy, Frankie Walker, Jerri Suttle
Kneeling (L to R) David Harp, Lorna Ashmead, Jason York, Deanna Fowler, Tonya Rylie, Leslie Cody, Sara Luft, Kelly Hall, Robin Walters, Vandra Williams
Seated (L to R) Steven Benning, Cindy Cobb, Julie Dobbins, Andy Mayberry, Donald Tubbs, Jason Moore

Mrs. Liz Shannon (Leigh Shannon's mom) was the music teacher and this might've even been her first year at the school - not sure. Do you remember which room we had music in once Mrs. Shannon arrived? It was the last room on the fourth grade row, down on the east end of the building.

At least two songs are still stuck in my mind... this first one is a Halloween song called, "Skin and Bones". You can hear a similar melody on amazon and a discussion of this song & variations thereof here.

There was an old woman all skin and bones. Oo-oo-oo-ooh.
She lived down by the old grave yard. Oo-oo-oo-ooh.
One night she decided to take a walk. Oo-oo-oo-ooh.
She saw old bones all layin’ around. Oo-oo-oo-ooh.
She went to the closet to get her broom. Oo-oo-oo-ooh.
She opened the door, and BOO! (You yell out boo!)

The other song I remember didn't turn up on google anywhere, it went like this:

Can you guess what I am?
Guess what I am
By what I am wearing?

Seems the verses then would describe different job uniforms - policeman, nurse, etc. Anyone remember this one?

I vaguely remember this last song... but the skin & bones tune would always scare the kerjeebers out of me.

September 21, 2008

Lip Sync Contest - It's Not Love

Here's Rockin' with Dokken performing "It's Not Love". This group is made up of Lance Ashley, Steve Coleman, Jamey Black and Scott Warmack.

September 20, 2008

80's Movies

There's a new addition to "80's Links" section over in the sidebar. It's a link to a great website I just found featuring 80's movies. Tons of them! The site boasts of 8 pages of information and trivia for each of their 563 80's movies! These pages include behind the scenes trivia, goofs, music & a review. It also claims on it's home page "No spam. No popups. Safe for kids." I'd probably clarify that a bit and say "safe for older kids", only because of some of the movie trailers they show (even though trailers are supposed to be rated for general audiences).

Anyway, I think you'll enjoy the site. And be sure to check out the other links in the sidebar to find sites dedicated to 80's music, clothing, pop culture and more.

Now, over at, we're in the middle of a poll to see which of the movies below reminds you most of the 80's. These may not necessarily be your favorite 80's movies, but nonetheless remind you of our totally tubular decade. Watch the clips below (again, I'd keep my little children out of the room*) and then go to to take the poll.

Also, tell us what your favorite 80's movie is in the comments section.

The Breakfast Club

Sixteen Candles

Back to the Future

Children of the Corn

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure


Here's a quick bit of trivia for ya... in all the trailers above with the exception of Sixteen Candles and Back to the Future, the announcer was Don Lafountaine, voiceover extraordinaire. Lafountaine died just a few weeks ago. We've been hearing his voice on movie trailers since we were in school (his movie count is near 5000!) and he recently has been appearing on Geico commercials. You can visit Don Lafountaine's website to learn more.

*Aaron is not necessarily endorsing or promoting any of these movies. :)

September 19, 2008

Yellowjackets Nip Searcy Lions 7-6

Yellowjackets nip Searcy Lions
By Andy Mayberry

The Sheridan Yellowjackets narrowly escaped defeat as they nipped the Searcy Lions by a score of 7-6 on Friday, September 18.

Searcy received the first half kickoff at their own 31 yard line. Sheridan quickly stopped the Lions at the Searcy 38. The Lions punted to the Sheridan 19.

On the first play, Scott Herron dodged Searcy defenders all the way down to the Lion 32 yard line. On fourth and three at the 25, Kevin Martin carried the ball 10 yards to pick up the first down. A penalty set the Yellowjackets back 15 yards. On fourth down at the 34, Juan Caple punted into the end zone for a touchback.

Midway through the second quarter, Searcy received a Yellowjacket punt at the 50 yard line. The Lions used good passing to pick up a first down at the Sheridan 22. The Yellowjackets stuffed the Lions on three consecutive plays, and Searcy was forced to attempt a field goal. The 37 yard attempt fell short, and Sheridan took over on the 20.

Willie Traylor ran the second half kickoff back to the 34 yard line. A 13 yard pass to Andy Crouse gave the Yellowjackets the ball at the 47. A good run by David Damron and a Searcy penalty gave Sheridan a first down on the Lion 15. On fourth down and nine at the 14, Brad LaRue dumped the ball off to Damron who ran it into the end zone for the first score of the game with 8:23 remaining in the third quarter. Larry Campbell’s extra-point gave Sheridan a 7-0 lead.

With 2:17 seconds left in the third quarter, Juan Caple punted from the Yellowjacket 21 to the Searcy 47. Faced with a fourth and 11 at the Lion 46, Searcy ran a fake punt which led to a first down at the Sheridan 37 yard line.

On the next play, Sheridan was flagged for both pass interference and unsportsmanlike conduct. This gave Searcy a first down at the 11. Brad LaRue intercepted a third down pass at the nine yard line with 10:42 remaining in the game.

Searcy took a Caple punt at their own 43 with 4:01 left. A completed pass gave the Lions a first down on the Sheridan 43 yard line. On third and nine with 2:19 showing on the clock, the Searcy quarterback stepped back and threw a 43 yard scoring strike. A two-point conversion attempt failed, and Sheridan held on to gain a 7-6 victory.

Sheridan had 219 yards of total offense while limiting Searcy to 154.

Leading rushers for Sheridan were: David Damron, 16 carries for 74 yards; Scott Herron, 8 carries for 78 yards; and Gary Brown, 7 carries for 23 yards.

The Yellowjackets were penalized seven times for 72 yards while the Lions picked up only one penalty.

After the game, Coach Campbell said, “We won and we’re still 3-0, but we made too many mistakes. We stopped ourselves all night long. We have met the enemy, and they are us. It wasn’t pretty, but I’ll take it.”

Sheridan is now 3-0 for the season. Their next game is at home against the Lakeside Rams on Friday, September 25 at 7:30.

September 17, 2008

What's Inside?

What's in this envelope that each of us received sometime in mid-June after each grade school year? You guessed it! It's our report cards! I've got quite a few tucked away along with all the other junk I've exposed here for your voyeuristic fix.

I've selected my 3rd grade report card from Mrs. Pyle, since her class has been a recent topic here on the SHS 88 blog. And you'll remember the SES principal, Jessie Buck - yeah, the guy who had the electric paddle. Most of you know that Mr. Buck was married to Mrs. Buck (1st grade teacher), but did you know who Mr. Buck's sister was? She was also a school teacher... think middle school... math... looooong fingernails. Got it?!

Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Buck are brother and sister. I know this because I grew up next door to Mrs. Hughes & walked to school with her every day in the 5th - 8th grades. We lived just off of Hwy 167 on the hill beside The Mad Butcher. We would cross the highway and walk up the road going behind the old Midget Market (final resting place of millions of quarters from my piggy bank) and Essie's Restaurant & the motel. This daily trip sparked the vicious rumors that Mrs. Hughes was my grandma. Now, over twenty years later, I'm here to lay to rest any such nonsense.

Now where was I? Oh, grade school report cards.

Yeah... read it and weep bucko! Not bad except for my penmenship, huh? Oh... and the conduct grades... looks like they reflected my fluxuating stick collection , or vice versa.

As was the custom, mom or dad would sign the back, affirming their eyewitness account of their child's scholastic performance. Then after the 4th 9 weeks they were mailed in the envelope pictured above, along with the long awaited news of our passing or failing.

Finally, we could enjoy our summer vacation until that highly anticipated day in August when we would ride our bikes up to the elementary school and look at the newly posted class assignments to see who our next teacher & classmates would be.

September 16, 2008

Envelope Please...

Can anyone guess what is in this manila 5x7 clasp envelope?

They Never Reached Their Goal

The Official Club of Ripping Down Basketball Goals

  • Primary Target: Aaron Wilson's Goal
  • Location: Mockingbird Lane
  • Approximate Height: 9 to 9 1/2 feet
  • Rating of Ripping Ability: 7 (1 - 10, Higher number=harder)
  • Any obvious cracks in structure: No
  • Brand: Dp
  • Approximate distance from house: 3 to 4 feet
  • Situation of Ripping: Bad Poor Fair Good Perfect
  • Signed: Trent Allen and Andy Crouse

For a guy who had a lawyer for a dad, this was a pretty stupid move. Trent Allen had been teasing me with threats for a period of time during our senior year. Seems he had an itchin' to rip my basketball goal off it's post, bolts & all.

"Why?" you may ask. Just because it'd be fun. To Trent. You remember Trent*... always wanting to have fun - at your expense. Well, after quite a bit of smack he finally made his fatal mistake - he documented his devious desires.

Above you'll see Exhibit A: the actual document whereby Trent (and accomplice Andy Crouse) signed off on a reconnaissance report detailing the difficulty of above stated intent (i.e., ripping down my goal). Now, I'll admit I did manipulate the image of this document... inverting the black & white colors to help you get the evil feel of the sinister, malicious nature of this crime.

Documenting your intent... this is an obvious no-no in the crime world - I mean, I would guess. It's like calling ahead to the bank before you show up to rob it - simply foolish and worthy of nothing but ridicule! But he did. And he never got caught - neither of them - for they never reached their goal.

Or should I say, they never reached my goal.

*Trent is still a dear friend and we talk regularly. Please know that this post, as well as many others are my feeble attempts at sarcasm & humor.

September 15, 2008

Graduation Photos

Here are just a few pics from Andrea (Winston) Hale's scrapbook taken just before the graduation ceremonies began. There's more where these came from, but you'll have to come to the reunion to see them. Also, Andrea has quite a few pics from middle school. Later, I'll post a few of them here on the blog & the rest will be shown at the reunion.

Bobby Adams (background), Mike Wells, Kevin Matlock and Andy Mayberry

Jerry Mills

L to R: Laurette Lankford, Lisa Bradford, Vandra Williams, Kim Vailes and Kristy Evans

Jamey Black

September 14, 2008

Lip Sync Contest - I've Found Someone

For our next installment of Lip Sync performances, we have senior Gina McCool with Cher's, "I've Found Someone." Remember to watch all the way to the end and hear Ausbrooks' witty comments.

September 12, 2008

Pyle's Pet, Popsicle Sticks and Pinko Communists

Andy and I were emailing back & forth lamenting the whole third-grade-Pyle-stick nonsense when I boldly accused him of being Mrs. Pyle's pet and getting away with murder. As you'll see by his response below, he couldn't deny the truth.

Andy said:
Well, absolutely, I was her pet ... and deservedly so! Just look at the attached picture. What an angel!

You see, this is how it happened: I was returning to my desk from a trip to the restroom. (A trip I had taken after politely raising my hand and requesting permission, of course.) As I walked past the desk of a young rabble-rouser named James Charlton (don't know what ever happened to him), he said, "There goes Andy Gibb."

Well that was it! I felt strongly at the time -- as my parents had taught me -- that Andy Gibb and all "his kind" of hippy musicians were long-haired good-for-nothings. I had been greatly insulted. So I responded by turning and really giving him the what-for: "My name is NOT Andy Gibb! It's Andy Mayberry!" (I also included a silent but strongly insinuated, "And Buster, don't you forget it ... or else!") I might have even pointed my index finger in a threatening manner. In times of rage, the details sometimes blur.

Mrs. Pyle didn't hear the gruesome details of our exchange, and how James had all but called me a pinko Communist. She only heard the noise and saw that James and I were talking. She took a popsicle stick from both of us, despite my attempts to explain how justified I had been in my action. I believe she only took a stick from me to satisfy the masses of heathen children in the class who wanted to spill the blood of Mrs. Pyle's favorite student.

Fordyce Falls to Sheridan 20-7

Fordyce falls to Sheridan 20-7
By Andy Mayberry

On Friday, Sept. 11, the Sheridan Yellowjackets dominated the Fordyce Redbugs in a 20-7 win.

Sheridan received the opening kickoff in the end zone for a touchback. The Yellowjackets ran 6 minutes and 45 seconds off the clock as they slowly drove the ball 80 yards for the first score of the game. On first and goal from the nine, David Damron went untouched into the end zone, and Larry Campbell added the extra-point to give Sheridan a 7-0 lead with 5:15 remaining in the first quarter.

After three plays, Fordyce punted to the Sheridan 9 yard line. The Jackets fumbled on the first play from scrimmage, and Fordyce recovered. The Redbugs attempted a halfback pass from the seven on third down, but Scott Herron broke it up in the end zone. An unsuccessful field goal attempt gave Sheridan the ball on the 20 yard line with 1:48 left in the first quarter.

Early in the second quarter, Sheridan began another scoring drive at the Redbug 47. With 6:08 left in the first half, Herron found the end zone from four yards out. Campbell’s kick was good again as the Yellowjackets took a 14-0 lead to the dressing room at halftime.

Fordyce received the second half kickoff at their own 24. After driving the ball down the field, Fordyce fumbled at the Sheridan 34 yard line, and Gary Brown recovered with 9:05 remaining in the third quarter.

The Yellowjackets used their strong running game to slowly grind out yardage on another time consuming drive. With 3:52 left in the quarter, Brown scored the third Sheridan touchdown from eight yards out. Campbell missed the extra-point, and Sheridan held a 20-0 lead.

Late in third quarter, Sheridan replaced its starters with the second and third teams.

With 4:28 left in the game, the Yellowjackets punted to the 50 yard line. On second and goal at the six, the Redbugs ran through the middle for their only score of the night. The extra-point was good, and Fordyce trailed 20-7 with 2:13 remaining in the game.

Sheridan kept possession of the ball for the final two minutes to secure the 20-7 win.

Sheridan is now 2-0 for the season.

Afterwards, Coach Don Campbell remarked, “We played well at times, but we didn’t play with the emotional intensity that we had last week. I thought we blocked decent at times, but other times we didn’t.

I was most pleased with the fact that we won the ballgame, and a lot of kids got to play. We got as many kids in the ballgame as we could, and still won.

I don’t think the kids are satisfied, and I’m not satisfied because I know they can play better. They just have to learn that every Friday night, they’ve got to tee it up and get after it.

We’ll get better; I guarantee it. It’ll take a better effort next week at Searcy.”

Individual leaders for Sheridan included: Scott Herron, 16 carries for 102 yards; Gary Brown, 17 carries for 101 yards; Willie Traylor, 11 carries for 57 yards; and David Damron, 10 carries for 43 yards.

As a team, the Yellowjackets rushed 65 times for 328 yards. The Jackets had 337 yards in total offense.

The Sheridan defense, led by Alan Holmes, Brand Moon, Phillip Clifford, and Steve Coleman, limited the Redbugs to 142 yards of total offense.

Sheridan’s next game will be at Searcy on Friday, Sept. 18, at 7:30 p.m.

September 11, 2008

We Got Spirit...

Pep Rallys. Remember?

We would usually be dismissed from our last period class to attend these events, ending the Friday with ears still ringing these words:


We would scream this at the top of our lungs in order to win the highly coveted "Spirit Stick". It was a brutal ritual. So much so, that according to my wife (Class of '93) they put a screecher to the spirit stick competition after the sophomores won the stick and a violent senior mob got out of control, trampling women & children.

Ok - maybe women & children didn't actually get trampled... in fact there probably weren't any children there except for the sophomores. But, it did get so uncontrollable that they no longer allowed these barbaric displays of animalistic egotism and domineering rivalries for the rest of the year. I believe they reinstated this craziness the following year with new rules like, "Don't kill people" and stuff like that. Can't we all just get along?

Help me remember some of the details here...

I know the band got to leave a few minutes early in order to be ready to play while the student body filed into the gym. We would watch the cheerleaders perform, the Jacketeers dance and then hear from one of our own senior classmen mumble something in the microphone about how they were going to crush the competition. I say mumble not as an insult to the senior ball players... but as a discredit to the poor sound system. However, we would always hear their last words spoken with more confidence and clarity than the preceeding pep talk - no pitiful PA system could garble this declaration:


This picture of the pep band was taken at a pre-season rally we had at the gym one evening.

September 10, 2008

Concrete Jungle

If you thought "Blow the Joint" was good...

... then you're REALLY gonna be dissappointed! :)


As I promised, here are a few (that's all I think you can endure) highly edited clips & samples from this obscure album created by Lance Ashley, Jamey Black and Steve Warmack.

This first clip is a three song montage.
It features the cover song, "Concrete Jungle".

This last clip is a bit more... um... fun?
It's Jamey Black as the "Rappin' Mr. T"

September 9, 2008

20 Years Ago - Part 2 of 2

Written by guest blogger, Andy Mayberry
Read the first half here.

When we were in junior high school, many of us regularly attended Sheridan High School games. In reality, it was probably more of a social gathering than it was to watch a good football game. As eighth-graders, we watched Sheridan High School begin its season with a win, a loss, and a tie – a 1-1-1 record. The Yellowjackets wouldn’t win another game that season, finishing 1-8-1 and beginning what would become the state’s longest losing streak at the time. They failed to win another game the next two years. The final year of that 27-game losing streak was our class’ first as part of the high school team. Losing didn’t feel good.

I had heard stories of Sheridan’s glory days in the 1960s and 1970s under Charlie Whitworth, but those sounded like distant fairy tales. It seemed only a miracle could make a winner out of Sheridan.

Then along came Don Campbell and a new brand of football. Things changed – and I believe a lot of it was attitude – in the ‘86-87 season. It started with a season-opening win over Bryant, and continued on with a 7-3-1 record, a playoff appearance, and a near upset of would-be state champion Wynne. But we had some talented seniors on that team who would be lost to graduation. Or were they just lost AFTER graduation? Anybody know for sure? There were a few in that group who were pretty suspect. (Of course, I’m just kidding with the Class of ’87. I go to church with half of them.)

The 1987-88 season started the same as the year before – with a win over Bryant. And the wins kept coming. The crowds grew bigger and louder. The Yellowjackets were gaining respect statewide.

These Yellowjackets were a throw-back. They won the old-fashioned way with a strong defense, powerful line play, and a near-unstoppable ground game. Win after glorious win came our way, all hard-earned. Sheridan finally had bragging rights over teams that had thrashed us traditionally, and it felt good. No, it felt great!

Sheridan entered the final game of the regular season with a 9-0 record. The Yellowjackets were highly favored over a J.A. Fair team that entered the game with a 3-5-1 record.
But would:

A: The Sheridan players be over-confident?
B: Get a case of the jitters?
3: Play the way they had all year?

The answer was simple: 3. (Lessons I’ve learned: Never pick A or B on a multiple choice test. And if you’re ever a contestant on Wheel of Fortune, don’t pick a number. Only pick numbers in silly little quizzes like this.)

Well, of course they’d play they way they did all year! With a 20-0 shutout victory over J.A. Fair, Sheridan completed its first perfect regular season since 1966, and the crowd shook their cans like never before!

The next week brought a return trip to the playoffs for the No. 3-ranked Yellowjackets, and victory over Trumann. But the big test was yet to come.

Haygood Stadium at Henderson State would be the host site for the much-hyped matchup against the state’s top-ranked team, the Arkadelphia Badgers. An overflowing crowd of about 10,000 people showed up to watch a great high school football game. Unfortunately for Sheridan fans, the result was not what we had hoped for with the game – and the Cinderella season – ending in a 39-21 loss.

Some from that team went on to play college football. Most did not. But each of them, and all of us who enjoyed watching them, experienced something special. No matter how fuzzy the memories get, they’ll always be special ones. Thank you, Class of ’88!

(Cue: Lawrence Welk music begins here.)

Be careful, successful and blessed. See you all at the reunion!

Many thanks to Andy for writing this article for our blog.
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September 8, 2008

20 Years Ago - Part 1 of 2

Written by guest blogger, Andy Mayberry

For many of us, today will bring another day at the job, paying the bills, putting food on the table, caring for children, cleaning the house, doing laundry, or some combination thereof.

Unless, of course, you’re like Jed Clampett: You struck it rich in oil and now live the easy life. If that’s the case, more power to you. And don’t forget what good friends we were in high school! And don’t tell Mrs. Cook that I’m using sentence fragments. And have started sentences with conjunctions. And that I’m chewing gum. But I digress.

Basically, we now do the stuff our parents used to do. May God bless them. It turns out that most of our parents were much wiser people than probably any of us thought 20 years ago.

Ah, 20 years ago … that was when life was simpler. Wasn’t it? Maybe?
We went to class, wrangled our way as best we could through social networks, and maybe participated in an extracurricular activity or two. We were responsible for ourselves and no one else; certainly not the other pencil-neck geeks sitting in Mr. Ausbrooks’ class. They were on their own.

Football season was something special, and if you were a member of the ’88 class of Sheridan High School, you were almost certainly a participant, either directly or indirectly. You had virtually no choice. High school football was an in-your-face way of life.

Maybe you were on the football team, or perhaps a member of the band, dance team or cheerleader squad that performed at games. Maybe you were one of the few thousand who regularly packed Yellowjacket Stadium on Friday nights, equipped with your noise-making shaker can and ready to yell. Perhaps you didn’t care much for any of it, but you couldn’t avoid the throngs who did.

Maybe you were a skinny little guy who didn’t play football, but enjoyed writing about it for the local and high school newspapers. No wait – that was me. (NOTE: I still enjoy writing, but “skinny” left me long ago.)

My old newspaper clippings from that era have yellowed. Some of my memories have grown a little fuzzy. That’s OK. It gives me an opportunity to fill in the blanks with “created” details, which are probably better than what really happened.

To be continued tomorrow...
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September 7, 2008


Melissa Nesbitt went to a LOT of trouble to re-scan this picture of Mr. Henley's computer class just so I could crop out an image of the poster on the wall.

Notice the Dot Matrix Printer and the 5 1/4 floppy disks. I'm still amazed at the progress of technology. One of those floppies wouldn't have enough space on it to hold just one, averaged-sized digital photo! In fact, you probably have a micro-SD card in your cell phone or pda that's smaller than your fingernail and has more memory than the computers we used in high school! Amazing. I remember at the end of our junior year Mr. Henley told us about the new COLOR monitors we'd be getting the following year. Cutting edge, definately.

That's all. Just a computer geek moment.

Lip Sync Contest - One Love

Here is another video clip from the NHS Lip Sync contest (watch previous clips here). This was actually the first performance in the contest. Here you have featured our very own Willie Traylor along with Marcus Dorn and Mike Tucker (?) singing "One Love."

September 6, 2008

Coach Campbell Optimistic

I almost forgot about this one... should've posted it earlier. Here's a photo & brief comment about two-a-days before the '87 season.

September 5, 2008

Sheridan Defeats Bryant 21 - 0

Sheridan defeats Bryant 21-0
By Andy Mayberry

The Sheridan Yellowjackets defeated the Bryant Hornets 21-0 on Thursday, Sept. 3 at Bryant.

Bryant received the ball at their own 22 yard line, but was forced to punt as their first three plays netted a negative five yards.

Sheridan took over possession of the ball at the Bryant 33 yard line. The Jackets faced a fourth down and three yards to go when David Damron blasted his way through the line to pick up the first down. Sheridan continued their march downfield, and Gary Brown went into the end zone from three yards out to put the Yellowjackets on top. Larry Campbell added the extra-point, and Sheridan led 7-0 with 4:51 left in the first quarter.

Bryant began their second possession on the Hornet 14 yard line. Three plays later, Bryant punted the ball to the Sheridan 15.

Willie Traylor ran 16 yards on the first play of the drive, and was followed immediately by Gary Brown with a 24 yard run. On second and eight from the 43 yard line, Brad LaRue dumped the ball off to Scott Herron, who ran it down to the Bryant two yard line. Gary Brown scored the second Yellowjacket touchdown, and Larry Campbell again converted the extra-point attempt as Sheridan opened up a 14-0 lead with just seconds remaining in the opening period.

On Bryant’s next possession, Scott Herron intercepted a Hornet pass at the Sheridan 40 yard line and ran the ball back to the Bryant 35.

Sheridan couldn’t score on the Hornets this time, though. Brad LaRue was dropped behind the line of scrimmage on a third down play, and Juan Caple punted the ball 33 yards into the end zone for a touchback.

After a good defensive series by Sheridan, Bryant downed a punt on the Yellowjacket 37 yard line. A couple of plays later, Brown scrambled 38 yards down to the Bryant 17. A fumble, an incomplete pass, and a penalty caused Sheridan to have third down and long when David Damron carried the ball 18 yards to set up a fourth and two from the 9. Sheridan picked up the first down, and two plays later, Brown scored his third touchdown of the night. Campbell’s kick was good again, and Sheridan now held a commanding 21-0 lead.

Late in the half, Bryant moved the ball to the Yellowjacket 14 yard line, but they were unable to gain another yard. Sheridan took over on downs and ran out the remainder of the clock.
Willie Traylor ran the second half kickoff back to the Bryant 45, but Sheridan was unable to move the ball against the Bryant defense.

The second half was dominated by the defenses of the two teams. Neither team was able to sustain a drive. The Sheridan defense, led by Steve Coleman and David Damron, allowed the Bryant quarterback very little time to survey the field on pass attempts. This helped cause many incompletions and two interceptions.

Bryant returned a punt to the Jacket’s 25 yard line with 1:18 left to play, and were threatening to score when Shawn Ward picked off another Hornet pass to insure the 21-0 shutout.

Sheridan’s record is now 1-0.

Sheridan ran the ball 59 times for 237 yards and completed 1 of 2 passes for 41 yards while Bryant had only 28 rushing yards and 42 yards passing.

Individual leaders for Sheridan were: Damron, 15 carries for 74 yards; Brown, 20 carries for 108 yards and three touchdowns; and Traylor, 8 carries for 36 yards.

When asked his thoughts on the game, Coach Don Campbell replied, “I thought it was pretty good. I liked it. Our offense and defense both played well. It was a heck of an effort. Everybody played hard.”

Sheridan’s next game will be Sept. 11 at home against Fordyce.

September 3, 2008

87-88 Football Preview

Football season is here. Some of you are big Hog fans that mecca to NW Arkansas several times in the fall. Many of you are still warming the aluminum bleachers each week watching the Yellowjackets play. Some of you are even watching your own children take the field now as ball players, band members and cheerleaders on the very same field that you once called your own.

Suffice it to say that this time twenty years ago, there was a LOT of buzz about the upcoming SHS season. We had come out of a 7-3-1 record which broke Sheridan's 27 game losing streak. Sheridan, Arkansas had been featured in countless newspaper articles and news stories because of our sudden success. We weren't just small town nobodies anymore, we were winners. And little did we know, but the best was yet to come.

This post kicks off a series of posts coming to you each Friday morning (coinciding with our current SHS Football schedule) featuring the very articles written by our own Andy Mayberry in the weekly Sheridan Headlight that gave us a play by play recap of each game. My thanks to Andy for doing these great write-ups many years ago.

Also, thanks goes to Vicki (Ausbrooks) Fletcher for typing up these articles. You should be able to read the actual article by clicking & enlarging the image, but I also wanted it in print in each blog post so all the names mentioned could be found in a google search.

So, grab your Jacket Racket Cans and join us each Friday as we go back in time and re-live the glory days of our undefeated football season!

Senior High Football PreviewBy Andy Mayberry
(Originallly published Wednesday, September 2, 1987)
Now that football season is here, many Sheridan residents find themselves asking one question again and again. Can this year’s version of the Sheridan Yellowjacket football team be as successful as last year’s? Last year’s team went 7-3-1, finished second in the conference, and went to the state playoffs where they narrowly lost to eventual state champion Wynne.

According to head coach Don Campbell, this year’s team possesses the talent needed to be as successful.

“Most teams have more speed than we do. It will be their speed and skill people against our size and power.”

Campbell also stated that the team is in good physical condition.

“We’re in good shape. It’s awful hot, but they’ve worked hard. We’re big, and it takes more out of a bigger person because he’s carrying that much weight around. This hot weather makes it extremely difficult, but our kids have worked hard and they are in pretty good shape.”

Campbell also spoke of the difficulty of the non-conference schedule.

“Bryant is going to be tough. Morrilton and Searcy both have good football teams. Fordyce should have speed, and Warren will have three undefeated junior high teams making up their squad.

All of our non-conference games should be tough, but what they (the opponents) have is not important. What we do is the important thing. We have to be prepared for each ballgame. We don’t want to think of any teams as a breather.”

Sheridan’s first game will be Thursday, September 3 at Bryant.

Campbell said of Bryant, “They had a quarterback move in who is an excellent passer. We will have to stop their passing game. We will also need to stop their fullback. He weighs about 215 or 220 and is tough.”

In a closing comment, Campbell remarked, “I’m ready, and I think the kids are ready. It should be an exciting year.”

Campbell said, “We’re going to line up and play hard every week. We can do some things better than we did last year, but we’re not quite as good at other things. We’ll be a competitive team.”

The Yellowjackets certainly will not have a lack of depth this season. Sheridan dressed out 88 players in last week’s football jamboree at War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock.

“We have plenty of depth. That’s no problem. We’ve got a bunch of kids who can play. There’s a bunch of kids that probably could play, but they are young and inexperienced. Some of them are sophomores who will have to pay their dues, and next year, they’ll be able to play more,” said Campbell.

The Yellowjackets won’t be totally inexperienced, though, as they return 18 lettermen including five offensive starters and six defensive starters.

Brad LaRue will take over at quarterback while David Damron, Scott Herron, Gary Brown and Willie Traylor should all contribute heavily at running back.

These players will rely on the blocking of Sheridan’s huge offensive line which is led by Jamey Black (225), Phillip Clifford (185), Brand Moon (170), Tim Staley (220), and Chris Campbell (250). Brett Epperson and Andy Crouse should handle the end positions.

The defensive line, led by Alan Holmes, Steve Coleman, and John Williams, should also be quite large. Holmes and Coleman both weigh in excess of 250.

Damron and Brown both play at linebacker while Moon, La Rue, and Shawn Ward help to make up the secondary.

Juan Caple will be the punter, and Larry Campbell should handle the place-kicking duties.

The Sheridan coaching staff is made up of Campbell, Don Sharpe, Justin Welch, David Robinson, and Larry Don Smith.

This year’s conference race should be close. White Hall, which won the conference last year, is picked by many to win again this season. J. A. Fair is also expected to be strong.

September 2, 2008

Here Comes the Judge

The clip below is the second snippet from the senior play "Benny Eat a Woodchuck". (Watch the other clip here). This is the opening scene from the second act of the play. The setting is a courtroom (in case you can't tell from the hollywood set). From left to right you'll see Betty Jo Skorcz, Joo Mi Ha, Jaime Taylor, Maria Bolanos, Aaron Wilson, Kenny Johnson and Sara Luft. Then Trent Allen enters stage right as the judge.

Here's a bit of trivia for ya - no one knew that Trent and I were going to do this scene until the opening performance you'll see here - not the audience, not the rest of the cast, and not even our sponsors - Ausbrooks & Easton.

Trent and I were rehearsing our lines at my house the night before and one of us came up with the idea for Trent (the judge) to enter with the song "Here Comes the Judge" playing. I had this song on my childhood record Dumb Ditties, which by the way, I still own & display proudly in my office along with Wacky Westerns and Looney Tunes. Anyway - I digress. Somehow we then decided to choreograph some dance moves - very bad dance moves - and whah-lah!

September 1, 2008

1981 Class Officers

5th Grade Vice President Karen Vanlandingham and President Susan Averitt*

Secretary Kim Vailes, Treasurer Kathy Flynt and Reporter Shelli Smith

Girl & Boy Favorites: Jackie McElroy and Phillip Clifford
Notice the old trampoline & the catwalk in the Kelly-Williams Gym.

*Many of you remember Susan Averitt. Her father was a Methodist pastor in Sheridan for several years before they moved away. She is now a pediatrician living in NW Arkansas with her family. Susan's five year old daughter, Cameron, was struck by a car and killed in January 2006. They have founded "Cameron's Amazing Book Club" in her memory.