August 11, 2008

What's In a Name?

Seems we're always fascinated with having our names on our shirts or even others' names. I can remember (this is scary) way back in grade school - GRADE SCHOOL mind you - Bryan Tygart and Jackie McElroy having each others' names on the backs of their shirts. Did I mention this was in grade school?

Once we were old enough to make it to Panama City or Pensacola, you didn't dare come home without an airbrushed tee declaring your love for that special someone (I can still smell those air brush shops - where the palm trees were always painted as silhouettes!). My first airbrush crush was a shout out to Kristy Evans after our 7th grade year. As proud as I was of that shirt, I was too embarrassed to wear it in public when I returned (nothing personal Kristy). Seems it finally made it's debut at a softball tournament watching my sister and Kristy play for Glenda's Hotrollers.

Then there was that time in middle school - 7th grade I think - when a few of the guys decided to get names on the backs of their shirts. I can see them now - gray/black ringer tees with black letters on the back shamelessly displaying... um... well, ethnic names (this was before consolidation and that's all I'm gonna say about that).

At least the airbrush craze carried on through high school (airbrush was always cool) and once we got in college we saw more. "So & So's Lil Bro" or "Whats Her Name's Lil Sis" flanked the backs of all the pledges' shirts. When will the madness stop?!

I say all that really just to make this post a bit more interesting than it would be if I had just said:

Here's our senior band shirts, with our names & instruments on the back.

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