August 4, 2008

Senior Plays

I'd like to eventually upload our Sr. Plays to YouTube & post them here (I think I've got two of the three on video). That might take a while though. Frankly, I'm a bit embarrassed to expose the play I was in, "Benny Eat A Woodchuck". I honestly can't believe the teachers let us get away with some of the adult innuendos. I even found the original script (a few of us wrote it ourselves) and many of the one-liners made me blush!
For now though, here is the official program for our 3 Oscar-worthy performances, a couple of Sheridan Yellowjacket articles and one color photo from "Benny Eat A Woodchuck". As always, click on any image to enlarge.

Article taken from the Yellowjacket, February 26, 1988

The graphics here are simply stellar! :o)

Kenny Johnson pulls a gun from his briefcase... then chaos.

Betty Jo Skorcz, Jamie Taylor and Maria Bolanos. Can anyone identify the two girls sitting offstage?
Trent Allen, Kenny Johnson and Joomi Ha

Aaron Wilson and Sara Luft (in the trash can).

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