August 16, 2008

Sheridan Middle School

I remember writing a short article for our Junior High newspaper about the building we knew as the middle school. My dad & grandmother told me that this was the first school in Arkansas without windows in the classrooms. It also boasted of a "year-round" heating/cooling system. Fancy.

This building not only holds our memories from the 5th thru 8th grades, but for many of our parents who attended Sheridan schools, this building was their high school building. Think about it - our 8th grade hall (the front hall) was my dad's senior hall. In fact - you won't believe this - when I was in the 8th grade, I found my dad's old class schedule from his senior year. At the top of his schedule was his locker number - #742. Check it out - my locker that year was #742!

This was also a special building because it marked our transition from a single classroom school day to a 6 period schedule. Remember the horror stories we were told about moving up to the middle school? Also, entering our 7th grade year in this building introduced us to our dear East End friends. They began attending the Sheridan campus our 7th grade year in this building.

This is one of the only color photos I've come across of the building. This was a two page spread at the front & back of one of my dad's yearbooks.

You can really see the fresh dirt in this photo... they had just completed the building. You can see the top corner of Kelly-Williams Gym at the top right of the photo.

The fountain in front of the school must have been added later, and of course it was already removed and filled in before we arrived at the middle school in 1981.

"We love thy walls... we love thy halls..."

If this was the middle hall, then the first room to the right would've been Mrs. Yancey's science class. If this is the front hall, then that room would be Mrs. Allen's english class.

Mr. Zimmerman operating the new-fangled intercom system. I believe this is the same one that was in use during our years in the building. I got to use it once while I was an office aide. Just once.

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