August 5, 2008

Stuff in my Locker

In our first home, I had an office/study that I decorated with items of nostalgia from my school years as well as other paraphernalia belonging to my parents & grandparents. Basically just old junk that isn't worth anything more than sentiment to me. :o)

Above is a picture of an actual set of lockers from the Kelley-Williams Gym that used to sit on the middle school campus. It was demolished not long after we graduated. Many of the 1988 seniors used these very lockers during PE and Basketball during our 5th -8th grade years. How many laps did you run around that creaky wooden catwalk right in front of these lockers? I can still smell the sweaty, musty air in that classic building where many of our own parents once cheered on the Yellowjackets.

Surrounding the locker you'll see familiar items including a band letterman jacket, cap & gown, senior sweatshirt, diploma, yearbooks, etc. I'll try to pull out the sweatshirt and get a photo of it for the blog. (For those of you who grew up in scouts, you'll notice on the left edge of the photo my old scout uniform.)

Lastly, underneath the senior sweatshirt you can barely see a pair of blue jeans. These were the jeans I wore for the lip sync contest during our senior year! Complete with ripped holes & bleached stripes. Anyone remember the name of our group that consisted of myself, Eric Hanson ('89), Trent Allen and Larry Campbell? Anyone...anyone?

Ju Ju and the Harshaws.

Now - grand prize goes to anyone who can tell me the significance of that name!

In the 2nd photo above are a few more items from our school days including our junior & senior year prom glasses, some football programs, school newspapers & the famous rubiks cube, snake & pyramid.

By the way - I still have the video of our senior Lip Sync performances. Give me some time & I'll try to get those converted & uploaded.

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