May 29, 2009

Senior Activities

Here is the offcial list of senior activites leading up to and including our graduation. Our Senior Trip was at Wild River Country.

Senior Sunday began with breakfast at Charlie's Restaurant (owned by Travis Miller's family, and formerly known as Smitty's and Essie's and more recently as Karla's and Catherine's, etc. etc. ad nauseum).

Afterwards we attended East Union Baptist Church in East End (where Larry Campbell is currently on staff as Children's Pastor). I'm ashamed to say my only memory of Senior Sunday was driving very fast to East End after breakfast to get to the church. It was indeed the Lord's grace that we made it there alive. Does anyone know if they still have a Senior Sunday anymore?

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And here are four pics from our Senior Breakfast:

L to R: Jason Smith, TJ Lavelle, Don Eslick, Tammy Ingle, Jeremy Crosswhite, Angela Rogers

Debra Howard, Robin Walters and Kim Derrick

Cindy Grace, Jari Seppala and Jerry Mills

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