August 26, 2008

Never Before Seen By Mortal Man

I've been holding this one back... waiting for that right moment to release it to the retro-hungry public... and I can wait no longer. I've received hundreds - yea, thousands - of requests and offers and bribes to sell this rare video footage to the mainstream media. I now know how George Kalinsky felt when he discovered four undeveloped rolls of Elvis photos. It's just crazy. But I refuse to profit from my fellow classmates - my friends.

What you're about to see has never before been released to the public. Only several of those involved in this monumental musical mosaic have been privy to such eye & ear candy.

Featured here are the extraordinary talents of Lance Ashley on the keys, Jamey Black thumpin' the bass, Trent Allen on drums, and Steve Coleman on the mic. Coleman is joined by up and comer Scott Warmack (Class of '90) bustin' the rhyme. I was privileged to film this piece myself, and I think you'll be really impressed with the cinematography - it's raw, yet simply remarkable. You'll also see a quick glimpse of '90 grad John Hedden. I don't know why he was there.

This music video was shot on location in the back offices of Triangle Insurance, owned then by Preston Black and now operated by Jamey. It was scheduled to be debuted on Friday Night Videos, but due to the overnight success of that MTV racket, it got lost in the morass of media frenzy. It was rumored that Pauly Shore was interested in featuring this footage on his show, but we predicted that the video's airtime would be as short-lived as Pauly's career.

Have I built up your expectations yet? Sorry, they're about to be smashed to smitherines. Let me conclude this overdrawn and over-blown introduction with the immortal words of our beloved Scott Ausbrooks, "I've made a study of your hippy music and this one here's gonna be a classic."

*Be sure to turn off the 80's music player in the sidebar before viewing.

The song is called "Blow the Joint" and I think Bryan Tygart wrote the lyrics, which I cannot find anywhere (probably a good thing). The phrase "blow the joint" is a reference to graduating from SHS. Any other innuendos were not the intent of the musicians, I'm sure.


  1. Um...I'm blown away. I knew that Jamey and Lance were musically-talented, and I knew that Scott used to "rap"...but how did I miss the fact that Trent Allen is a drummer? Where the heck was I? And Steven?!? Who knew he had such moves? Thoroughly enjoyable to watch!