August 25, 2008

National Honor Society Lip Sync Contest

This video clip begins a series of posts featuring the many... um... interesting performances from the NHS Lip Sync Contest. The clip below shows just over a minute's worth of pre-contest footage. I've inlcuded it because I think you'll enjoy seeing quite a few of our classmates casually mingling around in the auditorium before the show begins. If my memory serves me well, I gave my dad's VHS camcorder to Jeremy Crosswhite to film, since I was involved in the contest.

The emcee for the contest was 1987-88 NHS president, Trent Allen. Now, I also have the very clip where he is "shredded" by Mr. Ausbrooks for calling him a pencil neck, but you'll have to wait to see it! Check back often... I'll be posting additional footage in the days & weeks ahead.

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