August 14, 2008


Here is a photo I've had for thirty-four(!) years now. This is Mrs. Tolson's kindergarten class ('75-76) on the annual Little Rock Zoo trip.

Front Row: Lee Shaw, James "Sugarfoot" Hicks, Chase Coleman (I think he was a guest of Jamey Black), Vicki Thompson, Angela Rogers, Betty Jo Skorcz
Middle Row: Deanna Fowler, Jon Paul Anderton, Jeffrey Darnell, Jamey Black, Jackie McElroy Back Row: Debbie Fowler, Suzanne Kirk, Aaron Wilson, Kim Smith, Vandra Williams, Terry Mayberry

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  1. Mrs. Tolson got to see this, and says it is great to see! She is looking for her pictures now. She laughed and laughed! She said she really appreciates the fact that Aaron has a site like this, and that all these students have a wonderful way to communicate now.

    posted by Caldwell for Tolson