August 6, 2008

Junior Plays

The following pictures were taken from our Junior Yearbook highlighting our Junior Plays. I can't remember much about any of them, other than the one I was in had to be the most boring play to watch or participate in the history of Sheridan High. The only laugh our play received was when Scott Herron crawled across the floor. Hilarious, I tell ya.

Steven Coleman and Sara Luft

Vicki Thompson and Ky Fiser

Ky Fiser and Steven Coleman (front)

Phillip Clifford and Alan Holmes (background)

David Damron

Mrs. Melva Chappell, Mrs. Martha Matthews, Scott Herron, Kevin Matlock and Shelli Smith (I'm not sure who the girl is with her back turned)
Kristy Evans, Kristen Trantham, Cindy Grace, Michelle Stoops, Laurette Lankford and Cindy Cobb (?)
Scott Herron

Here's the official program for the Junior Plays. Now, the original color of these programs wasn't yellow - nooo sir! That would've been too fancy. But, since they were a boring white (actually aged, yellowing white) I took the liberty of adding some color.

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