April 20, 2009

Prom Week: Endless Summer Nights

If you're still living in Sheridan and you have a junior or senior, then you most likely sent them to their Prom last Friday night. Another one of those surreal moments, right, when you're watchin your child participate in something you did just yesterday!? Well in honor of Sheridan High's formal event last week, I'm dedicating this entire week of blog posts to our Jr & Sr Prom memories.
I'll begin by re-posting these images that I originally posted back in August. Below you'll find some of the souvenirs from our Senior Prom.
Here is the small keepsake booklet we were given (or did we have to pay for these?).

This was the only thing I wrote in my little keepsake memories book.

"Went to Courtney's [Robinson] to eat breakfast & made a useless trip to LR"

The keepsake prom glasses from both our junior & senior year. I KNOW we had to pay for these.

And, in case you've forgotten the song...

Stay with us this week - there's much more!


  1. I know you paid for the glasses! I remember because I was Junior class treasurer and had to sell them!!!:-)
    Stacy Cunningham Gilbert

  2. You lower classmen... always trying to make a buck off of us! :o)