August 25, 2008


Today we listen to mp3's. Yesterday, it was 45's. Below are a few of the 45's from my collection during the 80's.

Peter Cetera "Glory of Love" front and back
Tears for Fears "Shout"
WHAM! "The Edge of Heaven"
Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney "The Girl is Mine"
Anyone know who's credited with taking this cover photo?
It was Paul's late wife, Linda McCartney.

I've created this desktop wallpaper out of all my 45 records. RIGHT CLICK on the size you want below and select "Save As" to save on your computer. More desktop images to come!




By the way, do you know how many grooves are on a 45 rpm record? The correct answer wins a copy of Buckner & Garcia's "Pacman Fever"! Not really, but you can watch the exciting video here.


  1. One groove is all a 45 has.
    Pac-man Fever for me!!!KJ

  2. I used to have a copy of Pac Man Fever. I'm hoping I still do! Anyone got a working turntable? I have to say I think I've bugged Aaron about posting more songs than anybody (sorry!). Anyhow, the playlist is WAY cooler than Saturday Night at the 80s because it's stuff we've all actually heard of that they played on Little Rock radio stations instead of all the really funky stuff. Sorry, but I was never a huge MTV or Top 40 fan, but I did stay up for my share of Friday Night Videos and SCTV. Thanks for putting up with all my requests, Aaron! Melissa Nesbitt