August 30, 2008

3rd Grade Snapshots - Part 2

Here is Mrs. Ryan's class from the EE campus. Vicki Ausbrooks is on the far left. Larry Campbell and Kevin Young are on the far right. I can't put names with the others, except for Ronnie Smith in the middle. (Interesting aside - I didn't know who Ronnie Smith was until just 2 weeks ago, when he & his wife started attending our church & he told me he went to Sheridan Schools for a time.)

From Mrs. Stone's EE class, there is Misty Pratt and Steven Polk on the left and perhaps Vikki Watson in the front of the photo.

At Mrs. Stark's reading table we see Jim Pollock in the foreground, Kathy Flynt in the back and Steven Benning on the right.

Another from Mrs. Spark's class, clockwise: Meliana Drake, Pam Wells, Gina McCool, Mark Gates and Marlena Ukno.

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  1. Oh, I loved Mrs Starks! She was one of my favorite elementary school teachers. I remember whenever any of us needed to puke or throw up we couldn't use those terms. We had to use the term upchuck....Too funny. Seems like third grade was when we had to start learning a little more personal responsibility. Was it in Mrs. Starks' third grade class that Andy Mayberry became our weatherman? It was that class or Mrs. Miller's fourth grade class...

    Kathy Flynt James