August 29, 2008

3rd Grade Snapshots - Part 1

Ah... third grade! I had Mrs. Pyle. She gave out sticks... popsicle sticks.
You started the 9 weeks with 10. If you got into trouble, she'd say "Give me a stick". If you had all 10 sticks at the end of the 9 weeks, you got to participate in a party celebrating with a select few & their ability not to get caught acting up... 'cause you know they did. The rest got to stay at their desks, do school work and watch others having fun... flaunting their behavioral achievements like a bratty little sister. These were once our friends, now we get nauseous just looking at 'em.
Confession time. Once, it was party time and Mrs. Pyle laid out all the sticks that she had collected over the past 63 days. Remember, if she had just one of your sticks over on the table, no soup for you! I had one over there. Just ONE!! I was one stick away from coke & candy.
Stupid stick.
So, as smooth as an eight year old could be, I made my way over to the table... probably making a fake trip to the pencil sharpener so I'd have an excuse to get up out of my seat. On my way back I snatched it. I stole my stick back while the teacher wasn't looking. I enjoyed the party that afternoon - ridden with guilt yet snubbing my nose at my fellow classmates who weren't so crafty.
Mrs. Koon's class: TJ Lavelle and Bridgett Sterrett at the reading table.

Another from Mrs. Koon's class: Trent Allen is standing next to Mrs. Koon, and I think that's Jan Powell on the left side and Jackie McElroy sitting in the middle of the photo.

Mrs. Mooney's class, L to R: James Hicks, Tammy Ludwig and Jerry Spann. In the back, L to R are Chris Brown, Andrea Winston and Michael Wolff.

Here's a similar shot to the previous one, adding Phillip Clifford on the left.

This is Mrs. Well's class. Front to Back, L to R: Rickey Crocker and Lance Solloway, David Lunsford, Melissa Williams and Leslie Cody (?). Back row is Travis Miller, Robin Willis and Belinda Reynolds.

More 3rd grade classes tomorrow.


  1. "The rest got to stay at their desks, do school work and watch others having fun... flaunting their behavioral achievements like a bratty little sister." ....spoken like a mean older brother!
    Stacy Cunningham Gilbert
    (a bratty little sister)

  2. I am sure you remember my bad behavior in this class, Stacy! I had a really hard time that year,dealing with my sister Renee's death. Mrs. Pyle was sooo patient and understanding with me!I believe Mrs. Pyle lost her son the same year we were in her class. I do not think a lot of kids in that class understood why I acted the way I did. I am much better today!

  3. You know, my mom explained that to me when you were going through it. It (of course) didn't make as much sense to me then as it later on! Aren't we luck to have teachers like Mrs. Pyle in our lives when we need them most and she was going through so much herself. I can't imagine going through what either of you went through.