August 28, 2008

2nd Grade Snapshots

The photos below are from our 2nd grade year.

Mrs. Binkley's class, L ro R: Robin Willis, Jody Wiggins, Sara Luft. The only one I can I.D. in the background is Michael Wolfe (standing).

Mrs. King's Class, clockwise from the front: Robin Walters, Robin Williams (background), Jon Paul Anderton and Steven Benning.

Also Mrs. King's class, from back row to front, L to R: T.J. Lavelle, Cindy Cobb (?), Lee Shaw, Scott Herron, Debra Howard, Bryan Tygart, Brett Epperson, Kevin Matlock.

Mrs. Koon's class (East End): Shannon Ellington & Darrin Yarborough are standing, and I'm not sure who the others are. Any ideas?

Mrs. Warmack's class, Left row from back: Jason Smith, Betty Jo Skorcz, Mark Gates and Jan Powell. Right row: Jason York and Tonya Rylie.

If you recognize anyone else, leave a comment. Tomorrow we'll look at some third grade classes.


  1. From Mrs. Koon's class: The long-haired girl seated in front of Darren is Cindy Grace. The black-haired girl is Melissa Nesbitt.

  2. Yep, Vic is right--the black-haired girl is me! I believe that's Kenny Estell sitting behind me. Not sure who's in front of me. Melissa Nesbitt