August 31, 2008

Lip Sync Contest - No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn

Here is our first of several Lip Sync performances. This is The Beastie Boys', "No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn". (I'm linking the Beastie Boys' website ONLY because it's got an incredible vintage/retro web design. I cannot promote nor endorse anything else you'll find there. Frankly, I couldn't tell you a single song they sing!)

Now, be sure to watch the entire clip and hear the judges' comments. This is when Trent Allen calls Mr. Ausbrooks a "pencil neck" and Ausbrooks shreds him.

Folks, you're just not gonna see clean, quality entertainment like this on any cable channel. So cancel your Primestar subscription, grab an RC, sit back... and enjoy. It don't get any better than this.

Phillip Clifford, Brand Moon and Larry Campbell

(Brian Pruett is the crazed, stage-stormin' fan)

August 30, 2008

3rd Grade Snapshots - Part 2

Here is Mrs. Ryan's class from the EE campus. Vicki Ausbrooks is on the far left. Larry Campbell and Kevin Young are on the far right. I can't put names with the others, except for Ronnie Smith in the middle. (Interesting aside - I didn't know who Ronnie Smith was until just 2 weeks ago, when he & his wife started attending our church & he told me he went to Sheridan Schools for a time.)

From Mrs. Stone's EE class, there is Misty Pratt and Steven Polk on the left and perhaps Vikki Watson in the front of the photo.

At Mrs. Stark's reading table we see Jim Pollock in the foreground, Kathy Flynt in the back and Steven Benning on the right.

Another from Mrs. Spark's class, clockwise: Meliana Drake, Pam Wells, Gina McCool, Mark Gates and Marlena Ukno.

August 29, 2008

3rd Grade Snapshots - Part 1

Ah... third grade! I had Mrs. Pyle. She gave out sticks... popsicle sticks.
You started the 9 weeks with 10. If you got into trouble, she'd say "Give me a stick". If you had all 10 sticks at the end of the 9 weeks, you got to participate in a party celebrating with a select few & their ability not to get caught acting up... 'cause you know they did. The rest got to stay at their desks, do school work and watch others having fun... flaunting their behavioral achievements like a bratty little sister. These were once our friends, now we get nauseous just looking at 'em.
Confession time. Once, it was party time and Mrs. Pyle laid out all the sticks that she had collected over the past 63 days. Remember, if she had just one of your sticks over on the table, no soup for you! I had one over there. Just ONE!! I was one stick away from coke & candy.
Stupid stick.
So, as smooth as an eight year old could be, I made my way over to the table... probably making a fake trip to the pencil sharpener so I'd have an excuse to get up out of my seat. On my way back I snatched it. I stole my stick back while the teacher wasn't looking. I enjoyed the party that afternoon - ridden with guilt yet snubbing my nose at my fellow classmates who weren't so crafty.
Mrs. Koon's class: TJ Lavelle and Bridgett Sterrett at the reading table.

Another from Mrs. Koon's class: Trent Allen is standing next to Mrs. Koon, and I think that's Jan Powell on the left side and Jackie McElroy sitting in the middle of the photo.

Mrs. Mooney's class, L to R: James Hicks, Tammy Ludwig and Jerry Spann. In the back, L to R are Chris Brown, Andrea Winston and Michael Wolff.

Here's a similar shot to the previous one, adding Phillip Clifford on the left.

This is Mrs. Well's class. Front to Back, L to R: Rickey Crocker and Lance Solloway, David Lunsford, Melissa Williams and Leslie Cody (?). Back row is Travis Miller, Robin Willis and Belinda Reynolds.

More 3rd grade classes tomorrow.

August 28, 2008

2nd Grade Snapshots

The photos below are from our 2nd grade year.

Mrs. Binkley's class, L ro R: Robin Willis, Jody Wiggins, Sara Luft. The only one I can I.D. in the background is Michael Wolfe (standing).

Mrs. King's Class, clockwise from the front: Robin Walters, Robin Williams (background), Jon Paul Anderton and Steven Benning.

Also Mrs. King's class, from back row to front, L to R: T.J. Lavelle, Cindy Cobb (?), Lee Shaw, Scott Herron, Debra Howard, Bryan Tygart, Brett Epperson, Kevin Matlock.

Mrs. Koon's class (East End): Shannon Ellington & Darrin Yarborough are standing, and I'm not sure who the others are. Any ideas?

Mrs. Warmack's class, Left row from back: Jason Smith, Betty Jo Skorcz, Mark Gates and Jan Powell. Right row: Jason York and Tonya Rylie.

If you recognize anyone else, leave a comment. Tomorrow we'll look at some third grade classes.

August 27, 2008

Kindergarten Babies...

These photos from our Kindergarten yearbook are a bit difficult to see, but I've listed the names of any of our classmates that I think I've identified. Click on any image to enlarge & see if you recognize anyone. Leave a comment if you do!
Jason Smith & David Damron are on each side of the girl sitting in the middle. Sandra Main is on the far left. That might be Cindy Cobb standing in the middle of the merry-go-round and maybe Phillip Clifford in the back center with the white long sleeve shirt.

This is Mrs. Tolson's class. I think that's my elbow on the left, then clockwise around the table: Jody Wiggins, Jeffrey Darnell, Jackie McElroy, Lee Shaw or Bryan Tygart(?) and Vandra Williams.

You gotta recognize this guy... Dean Crouse!

Coming Soon...

If you thought "Blow the Joint" was good...

coming soon

August 26, 2008

Match Maker

You may think eHarmony is ahead of the game in the match-making scene... no sir... before eHarmony was even a thought in the mind of Neil Clark Warren, there was...

Delta 84

During our Freshman year at SHS, for just $1.50 we could move one step closer to sealing our fate & our future mate. That's right, your perfect match is only a dot matrix away! Just complete your compatability form displayed on this IBM monochrome screen and in just minutes your matches will roll off the printer.

[cue music: What Might Have Been by Little Texas]*

click to enlarge (the original color wasn't pink, just plain ole boring white)

My favorite quotes from this report are:



And I can't figure this match-making logic out...




Never Before Seen By Mortal Man

I've been holding this one back... waiting for that right moment to release it to the retro-hungry public... and I can wait no longer. I've received hundreds - yea, thousands - of requests and offers and bribes to sell this rare video footage to the mainstream media. I now know how George Kalinsky felt when he discovered four undeveloped rolls of Elvis photos. It's just crazy. But I refuse to profit from my fellow classmates - my friends.

What you're about to see has never before been released to the public. Only several of those involved in this monumental musical mosaic have been privy to such eye & ear candy.

Featured here are the extraordinary talents of Lance Ashley on the keys, Jamey Black thumpin' the bass, Trent Allen on drums, and Steve Coleman on the mic. Coleman is joined by up and comer Scott Warmack (Class of '90) bustin' the rhyme. I was privileged to film this piece myself, and I think you'll be really impressed with the cinematography - it's raw, yet simply remarkable. You'll also see a quick glimpse of '90 grad John Hedden. I don't know why he was there.

This music video was shot on location in the back offices of Triangle Insurance, owned then by Preston Black and now operated by Jamey. It was scheduled to be debuted on Friday Night Videos, but due to the overnight success of that MTV racket, it got lost in the morass of media frenzy. It was rumored that Pauly Shore was interested in featuring this footage on his show, but we predicted that the video's airtime would be as short-lived as Pauly's career.

Have I built up your expectations yet? Sorry, they're about to be smashed to smitherines. Let me conclude this overdrawn and over-blown introduction with the immortal words of our beloved Scott Ausbrooks, "I've made a study of your hippy music and this one here's gonna be a classic."

*Be sure to turn off the 80's music player in the sidebar before viewing.

The song is called "Blow the Joint" and I think Bryan Tygart wrote the lyrics, which I cannot find anywhere (probably a good thing). The phrase "blow the joint" is a reference to graduating from SHS. Any other innuendos were not the intent of the musicians, I'm sure.

August 25, 2008


Today we listen to mp3's. Yesterday, it was 45's. Below are a few of the 45's from my collection during the 80's.

Peter Cetera "Glory of Love" front and back
Tears for Fears "Shout"
WHAM! "The Edge of Heaven"
Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney "The Girl is Mine"
Anyone know who's credited with taking this cover photo?
It was Paul's late wife, Linda McCartney.

I've created this desktop wallpaper out of all my 45 records. RIGHT CLICK on the size you want below and select "Save As" to save on your computer. More desktop images to come!




By the way, do you know how many grooves are on a 45 rpm record? The correct answer wins a copy of Buckner & Garcia's "Pacman Fever"! Not really, but you can watch the exciting video here.

National Honor Society Lip Sync Contest

This video clip begins a series of posts featuring the many... um... interesting performances from the NHS Lip Sync Contest. The clip below shows just over a minute's worth of pre-contest footage. I've inlcuded it because I think you'll enjoy seeing quite a few of our classmates casually mingling around in the auditorium before the show begins. If my memory serves me well, I gave my dad's VHS camcorder to Jeremy Crosswhite to film, since I was involved in the contest.

The emcee for the contest was 1987-88 NHS president, Trent Allen. Now, I also have the very clip where he is "shredded" by Mr. Ausbrooks for calling him a pencil neck, but you'll have to wait to see it! Check back often... I'll be posting additional footage in the days & weeks ahead.

August 24, 2008

Random Pics

More photos from Melissa Nesbitt:

Darrin Theiss (standing), John Wingate, Susie Larkin, Pam Wells & Kristy Evans

Corinna Hartman and Jaime Taylor

Christie Romine
Mrs. Jo Murry, choir director

August 23, 2008

Mr. Henley's Computer Class

Most of us know what the following words mean:
Email Internet Google Blog search engine
Facebook CSS DVD WWW
At the time most of us took Mr. Henley's computer classes, most of these words were unheard of if not completely non-existent!
Pictured with Mr. Henley are Vicki Ausbrooks, Jeremy Crosswhite and Melinda Hill. I think Vicki's hairstyle almost made a recent come back.

We really wore him out.

August 22, 2008

The Old School Yard

Remember the days of the old school yard, we used to laugh a lot.
Oh don't you remember the days of the old school yard.
When we had imaginings and we had all kinds of things
And we laughed and needed love
Yes I do, oh and I remember you.
(Remember the Days of The) Old Schoolyard, Cat Stevens

This is where it all started for many of us - the Sheridan Elementary School (my apologies to East Enders... it's hard to find photos of the EE campus, but I'm working on a post just for you!). I still have a clear mental image of a sad little boy clinging to his mommy's leg scared to be left alone in Mrs. Tolson's class. The wooden blocks stacked on the shelves or the brand new jumbo 8 pack of Crayola's in my school box or even my pre-jelly-sandwich-smelling Planet of the Apes metal lunch box weren't enough to entice me into staying. I wasn't letting my momma leave me.

The architectural rendering above was scanned out of one of my dad's yearbooks (as were most of the photos below). And of course you see an actual aerial shot above that was probably taken during our grade school years because you see the metal library building between the 2nd & 3rd rows. You can also see a corner of our cafeteria at the top of the photo.
I'm tellin' ya - I can still smell it. All of it. I can smell the classrooms. I can smell the cafeteria. I can even smell the plastic crate full of 31 cartons of sweat-beading milks and one carton of chocolate for the picky kid who wouldn't drink white (that'd be me). Oh how exciting it was for it to be your day to go get milk. Remember carrying that small slip of paper with that single number written on it? If you were to lose that slip of paper somewhere down that looooooong sidewalk, afternoons after nap time would be ruined and you'd always be remembered as the kid that lost the milk count. Of course, you always took a partner, so you could share the burden and the blame.
The building in the above two photos held about half of our kindergarten classes. If you had Mrs. Tolson, Mrs. Birdsong or Mrs. Easton, then you were a part of this classic old structure. Can you remember going upstairs and singing "The Farmer and the Dale" in Mrs. Lewis' music class? Was I the only one embarrassed to be the the "farmer" who "takes a wife"?

Several of us had other classes here as well, including my fourth grade class with Mrs. Haskins. After part of it was used as the school maintenance shop for a while, the building was torn down sometime within the past couple of years.

I thought the above three photos were great black & white prints of the classroom rows. You'll have to click & enlarge them to really appreciate the beauty and simplicity of the photograph.

Can you still remember which room you were in on each row? Remember the heavy wooden doors? The teachers would often prop them open on nice days. Remember the long blackboards... the reading tables in the backs of the room between the boys' and girls' bathrooms... the excitement of seeing the newest set of seasonal pin-ups on the bulletin boards?

circa mid 1960's

Spring 2006

And who can forget this sidewalk... the one I mentioned earlier that led to the cafeteria? Remember the cool thing to do? As you were returning from the cafeteria, coming toward the camera view above, the tin sidewalk cover got taller & taller, so we would jump up and touch the aluminum supports as far down as we could. The judging was simple, the further down you could go (i.e., the higher you could jump), the cooler you were.

Be watching for part two of the Old School Yard. I'm going to post some pictures of us playing on the playground. I should be able to find some East End playground pics as well.

August 21, 2008

Senior Breakfast

Thanks to Melissa Nesbitt for contributing these great pictures from our Senior Breakfast at Charlie's restaurant.
I think I can identify some of the faces...from left to right: Jason Smith, TJ Lavelle, Gary Don Eslick, Tamala Ingle, Jeremy Crosswhite and Angela Rogers.

Debra Howard, Robin Walters and Kim Derrick

If you have any photos from our senior year (or previous years) email them to me and I'll post them here.

August 20, 2008

Science Fair

Front Row: Justi Pruitt, Joomi Ha, Renee Holmes, Jim Pollock, Manny Pagan, Betty Jo Skorcz
Second Row: Gary Brown, Cindy Grace, Aaron Wilson, Kim Vailes, Pat Norton, Mark Koller, Lynn Taylor, Bart Dorsey


I can't believe I'm posting this picture. Is there a pattern to the clothes that I'm wearing? This was my junior science fair project I think, and the article above is for our senior year's science fair. Is that a Swatch watch I'm wearing? So how many of us stayed up until the wee hours of the night finishing (starting) our projects?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the science fair gave birth to one of Ausbrook's famous lines, "You can put wads of paper on the back of your Elvis Presley jacket and call it the Appalachian Mountains if you want to!" Seems that Scott Herron actually did this - paper wads on the back of a leather jacket - and called it the Appalachian Mountains and whah-la! Science fair project. I'll check with my sources to confirm.

Oh, sorry - you're probably dying to know... IS there a pattern to figurate numbers?


SHS Marching Band

Everyone loves a parade... unless you're wearing a nine pound polyester band uniform. Marching in the Sheridan parades (fair parade, homecoming, etc.) was actually fun, but when it was hot - boy was it hot! Block formation and "gate swings" were some of the first marching maneuvers that all band members learned back in the 6th grade on the parking lot behind McKenzie Hall.

Another thing we learned... when lining up the participants in a parade, always put the marching band IN FRONT OF THE HORSES.

Benny Eat A Woodchuck

Ok, I'm trying to follow through on my desires to upload some vintage video from our senior year. I got the first clip ready and couldn't wait to get it on the blog. Hopefully the audio/video quality is good enough... it's the best I could do.

I'll begin with IMHO, one of the funniest moments in Sheridan school plays! This is from "Benny Eat A Woodchuck" and involves Kenny Johnson "Malcolm" as a flirtatious laywer trying to put the moves on Travis Miller, also "Malcolm", playing an undercover cop.

Kenny: "Hey good lookin'! My name's Malcolm."

Travis: "So is mine."

Desktop Wallpaper

You've probably noticed by now the tiny images on either side of this page. These blue & gold pictures include just about everyone in our senior class (just couldn't fit everyone). Well, in case you just can't get enough of your former classmates here on the SHS 88 blog, I've created this desktop wallpaper for you to download. Just RIGHT CLICK on the size you want below and select "Save As" to save to your computer. Enjoy!

August 19, 2008

Andy Mayberry and Kim Vailes nominated for NCTE Achievement Award.

Damron Receives DAR Award

David Damron receives the Centennial Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) Good Citizen Award.